Ricki-Lee joins the Covergirl beauty beat

Today, a campaign for newly appointed Covergirl cosmetics ambassador; Ricki-Lee, will be rolling out in stores around the country.

The new image of songstress Ricki-Lee was revealed to Sydney’s beauty set last night at a party held on the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where Ricki-Lee performed for Covergirl for the first time.

“I could never have dreamed I would one day become a Covergirl joining the ranks of Drew Barrymore, Sophia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres and Taylor Swift,” says Rikki-Lee.

“I think I will need to pinch myself when I first walk into a supermarket and see my face in the beauty aisle. It really is such an honour.”

Ricki-Lee’s Covergirl campaign will appear in stores from today and by the end of the week, her face will be seen in over 1000 stores nationally.

The launch of the Covegirl campaign comes hot off the heels of the meteoric return of Ricki-Lee following the recent success of her platinum hit singles ‘Do It Like That’ and ‘Raining Diamonds’ from her soon to be released album, ‘Fear & Freedom’ out next month.

“Becoming a Covergirl marks a moment in my career I will never forget. It’s been a huge year for me so far and set to get even bigger. Watch out Australia!” says Ricki-Lee.

In addition to the campaign image, check out the campaign shoot . . http://youtu.be/iNDBNc6G80c