Northland, NZ – The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs promises a beautiful setting for a truly French weekend, August 4-6, with the ultimate prestige champagne house Dom Perignon and a much-loved French chef, Philippe Mouchel.

“Salute to France” guests will immerse themselves in the very best of French cooking, champagne and style over two days of sublime eating, drinking, learning and absorbing from some of France’s best exports at Kauri Cliffs.

Like many in France, Normandy-born Philippe Mouchel grew up in a family of cooks where a large garden provided much of what was cooked and the food was always very good.

He went on to train under one of the greatest of French masters, Paul Bocuse, the only chef in France to have been awarded three Michelin stars consecutively for over forty years.

Mouchel was trusted to work at the first Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Japan, and later moved to Melbourne to open the Paul Bocuse restaurant there.

Today, Philippe runs his own French restaurant/brasserie in Melbourne, simply know as Philippe.

It is destination dining for those who know of the background and experience that this master brings to each and every dish. His food is simply sublime . . . and he is also one of the nicest chefs around!

The champagnes of Dom Perignon need little introduction.

Created from the finest grapes grown in one single year, Dom Perignon reinvents itself each vintage by interpreting the unique character of the seasons.

With elegant dishes, designed to perfectly match the champagne, the partnership of Mouchel and Dom Perignon will delight the senses.

As the French do, Friday night is for guests to enjoy fine food and fine wine at leisure, yet not before indulging in the art of the French aperitif.

A relaxed affair, guests will enjoy an a la carte dinner followed by a traditional digestif.

On Saturday morning, Philippe will share his belief on how to best master the basics of French cuisine – it’s all in the sauces and jus!

This enlightening French cooking demonstration will see guests elevating their favourite dishes to new heights with some Gallic secrets from a well-trained master.

That evening, Dom Perignon’s charming and knowledgeable ambassador will host a very memorable dinner featuring four exquisite courses prepared by Philippe Mouchel, each matched to a special vintage of “Dom”, including the P2 1998 Dom Perignon and more.

This perfect pairing weekend is unashamedly decadent and set to leave guests dreaming of a visit to the wine regions of France.

Source: The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs