Journalist turned high-class escort, Samantha X, is redefining the reputation of the sex industry, launching her own brand of elite escort agency, Samantha X Angels. Based on three key promises; integrity, class and sophistication, the agency now employs 12 women ranging from their 20s to their 60s and includes a grandmother, a survivor of a life threatening illness and an aspiring lawyer, all of whom have sought out a new career in the world’s oldest profession.

Samantha X’s own, very public, ‘coming out’ as an escort in the media and in her book Hooked: Secrets of a High-class Call Girl, polarised the public.  The mother of two went from quietly earning $5,000 a night to having her story plastered on media outlets worldwide, making her Australia’s most controversial ‘escort mum’. But the most common responses she received came from smart, educated and professional women looking for advice on how they too could get started in the industry.

Exploring the idea of starting her own agency, Samantha put a call out to interested women.  She was inundated with applications from around the world. After an extensive recruitment process, Samantha has narrowed her “Angels” to 12 women from all walks of life, sizes and personalities – one is an aspiring lawyer, another survived a life-threatening illness, and then there’s the grandmother of six.

“My Angels are intelligent, professional women. Most have backgrounds in the corporate world and most are university educated,” says Samantha. “The majority of clients want warmth, understanding, companionship and conversation just as much as anything else, so that’s what I was looking for, not perfect looks or a particular dress size,” she said.

Each Angel undergoes coaching and mentoring by Samantha on what to wear, how to listen, etiquette, what lingerie men prefer, as well as how to trust their intuition and manage the date. Clients pay for the quality time spent with an Angel (not from a price list of sex acts) and are charged $800 an hour for the privilege or $4,500 for the night.

Meet the Angels:

Cathryn, 61, is a married grandmother of six. “I love men and being an escort is something I have always wanted to try,” she says. “When I was accepted, my husband said he wanted to punch the air and scream, ‘My wife’s an Angel!” The clients I’ve seen so far have been absolute gentlemen and my husband is my biggest supporter.”

Meanwhile, Jane is in her 40’s, is single and hails from the corporate world. “I am getting paid to be treated like a goddess,” she says. “The clients and I have intelligent conversation and laugh a lot. The sex isn’t why a lot of them are there, in fact, I have a client who prefers to chat over a cheese platter and wine for most of the time!”

Samantha X says that sex is big business, and whether people like it or not, the industry will continue to exist. “Men in my experience are sick of watching unrealistic porn on their computers. In a world of technology where we are less connected emotionally and physically than ever before, men seem to be starved of affection and intimacy. That’s where we come in.”

While Samantha’s focus is now her Angels, she does still see the occasional client for $1,500 an hour. “I don’t see many new clients these days purely because I don’t have the time,” she says. “But there are a few long-time clients that I truly love like old friends.  I can’t bring myself to let them go!” 

“This is the profession I have loved more than any other,” says Samantha.  “It has taught me compassion and patience. It has taught me that the most beautiful souls are hidden under the most unlikely shells and not to judge someone on appearance alone,” she said. 

Samantha says she is looking forward to passing her “wisdom” on to her Angels over the coming months and years.  “I’ve taught them that this profession, while lucrative, has good days and bad, highs and lows, just like any job. It’s not always champagne and fine dining, but being able to connect with a human being on a real deep and emotional level.”

Samantha also has plans to cater to female clientele with the exciting new addition of Samantha X Heroes, her male escorts, set to launch before the end of the year.