A new start and a new look! Sambag is re-launching after closing its doors earlier in the year due to a very competitive brick-and-mortar market and an unstable retail climate.

After taking some time away from the day to day of running the business and being inundated with beautiful messages from the label’s fans asking if Sambag would ever return, Sam Wagner, Sambag’s founder, realized it was the right time to transform the 23 year old brand she worked so hard to build.

“I had a long time to think and decided I had such an amazing online business and a fantastic customer base that really adored Sambag. I felt excited to build the brand up again but with a focus on the very early foundations the business started on”, says Mrs. Wagner.

Like many other brands, Sambag has transformed their business model by stocking exclusively online and creating a beautiful online store with a bespoke selection of classic Sambag shoes. Each month there will be an injection of new styles and colours to keep the market and Sambag’s valuable customers excited and well-serviced.

Sambag have created a new brand identity with a unique, bold and feminine aesthetic that maintains the brand’s heritage and will create a visual tone for the future of the brand online that allows Sambag customers to reconnect with the brand. Up-and-coming collections will maintain the quality and chic design aesthetic the Sambag customers knows and loves. Sam and the Sambag team are delighted to share this new chapter with you and the new online store will launch shortly.

Source: Sambag