Over 300 members of the Australian fashion, media and creative industries staged a photo opportunity in support of the VOTE YES campaign supporting marriage equality in Australia.

Dressed in rainbow coloured T-shirts, the photograph was captured by renowned Australian fashion photographer Hugh Stewart.

Notable fashion identities that took part in the photograph included Marta Dusseldorp, Anna Heinrich, Tim Robards, Chris Bath, Melissa Hoyer, Neale Whitaker, Rafael Bonachela, Emma Balfour and Sydney MP Alex Greenwich.

Speaking about the cause, Sydney fashion PR directors Adam Worling and Marie-Claude Mallat issued a joint statement:

β€œThis photo opportunity is designed as a reminder for Australians to get out and vote. Complacency is a dangerous thing and given that we are mid-way through this campaign, it is critical toremind people who have not completed their survey, to do so and post it back. Every completed survey counts.”


Photos by : @streetstyleaustralia @myleskalus