I just love this entire idea and concept from Jono Ward and Indi. Take a read at the reasons why ‘Shleep’ is the hottest new reason to go to bed . . .

We welcome you to visit shleepwell.com to experience the new site and to find out all there is to know about our special brand of Australian Merino wool bedding and sleepwear that we truly believe is needed especially now in this new chaotic world we’re living in.

Because—whether it’s the social, cultural, business, political or dearth of good sleep product’s fault—we’re not sleeping enough. Or, we’re at least not sleeping well enough. And enough good sleep directly positively impacts our physical, mental and emotional health unlike anything else.

We make our products from Australian Merino wool because of its supreme softness and unique thermal and moisture control properties that have been proven to get us quickly to deep sleep and keep us there 25% more effectively than any other source material.

And we’re constantly innovating — with fiber blends and products to increase sleep quality and sustenance, because we can’t think of a more valuable way to spend today than to make us all feel even stronger, more vibrant and alert, optimistic, and smarter all day long tomorrow.

That’s why we say that, while Shleep is technically a high-quality bedding and sleepwear company, we think of ourselves as more of a health and happiness company.

If you’re sleeping right, you don’t think twice about the night. You just wake—way, way up—feeling great. That’s our mission. That’s what we want for you, and that’s what gets us up in the morning.

Please check out shleepwell.com for more. And if you have any questions — about the brand, the future of the company or investment please contact Indi directly at indi@shleepwell.com or 0404 033 339.

Until then, all the best and to a bedder tomorrow!
Best Indi and Jonathan.

Source: Shleep