So, will an all-juice cleanse make me feel fantastic? I’ll let you know in 5 days . .

I am starting a 5 day ‘cleanse’ first thing Monday morning.

Basically it’s all about having 6 types of nutritionally sound ‘juices’ being delivered each morning (it’s $295 for the five days) to my home.

Happily, I am not even mildly freaked out by it, although my intake of a huge bowl of pasta this evening may be telling me something else.

So, I am kinda excited by what the ‘cleanse’ says it will bring me.

‘As a prepared healthy food all the thinking, monitoring and measuring has been done for you. We prepare calorie controlled foods that we like to think of as “fitness food”. We like to think that you have a fitness goal: a tighter bum, hotter legs, or squeezing into that dress,’ so says the schkinnymaninny website spiel.

“So with Schkinny’s fitness foods, you can combine eating a healthy prepared meal AND achieving those goals. Or, you are like a lot of us, and you can eat Schkinny during the week so the naughty vixen can come out on weekends (I am talking about the eating/drinking vixen!).

Fitness meals are so different from your average calorie controlled food. Sure, we watch those little buggers, but Schkinny food is about providing a healthy meal plan to the busy active woman who wants to get results from her workout.”

Well, apart from the website words, this 5 day juice thing feels like it will be a good pre-summer body cleanse.

So, as I sip a final voddie (with some nutritionally sound cranberry juice) I will bid my ‘solids’ eating life adieu for five days.

I’ll keep you posted as each day passes, Melissa.