“Our vision for the future will see Sydney Dance Company further cement its position as one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, expanding our reach and inspiring Australians’ love of dance.

Thanks to the NSW Government’s world-class renewal of Pier 4 as part of the redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct and the incredible support and commitment of our donors, we are looking forward to this exciting new chapter for Sydney Dance Company.” Karen Moses, Sydney Dance Company Chair

Sydney Dance Company is delighted to announce a world-class revitalisation of their home at Pier 4 as part of the landmark redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct under the NSW Government.

Working hand in hand with Create NSW and key Government stakeholders, Sydney Dance Company has welcomed the vision of the precinct rejuvenation, launching its largest and most successful Capital Campaign to achieve philanthropic support to help fund the redevelopment of its studios and facilities.

Sydney Dance Company’s campaign has already achieved $5.5 million of its initial $7 million target and is well on the way to reaching this goal thanks to the extraordinary commitment and generosity of donors including the foundation support of the Mordant, Neilson and Wales families.

Minister of the Arts, Don Harwin said, “We are investing heavily in Walsh Bay because we see the homes of many of our Major Performing Arts Groups as special places and that obviously includes Sydney Dance Company. We want this to be a thriving arts precinct and community. We are looking forward to delivering this project to the people of NSW so that our companies can be the best in Australia and some of the best in the world.”

The Company will be moving from the Wharf to a custom designed studio in inner city Ultimo to make way for the construction phase of the project in 2018.

Pier 4 has been our home since 1985 with the historic Wharf now synonymous with Sydney Dance Company. The studios have been home to generations of renowned dancers, choreographers and performances that have brought worldwide acclaim.

Over that time we have taught hundreds of thousands of people to dance as students and nurtured and developed our reputation as Australia’s national contemporary dance company.

On the brink of its 50th anniversary in 2019, the redevelopment heralds the next exciting phase of the Company’s history.

Kerr Neilson of The Neilson Foundation said, “The Neilson Foundation is delighted to support the work of Sydney Dance Company at this exciting point in its history. We believe that thoughtful philanthropy can assist well-managed organisations; and that our support will help draw attention to the importance of dance to the community.”

What will the redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct look like for Sydney Dance Company?

Studio 5, The Neilson Studio – made possible thanks to the generous support of the Neilson Foundation: A unique, purpose-built studio overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge, a multi-purpose space for artistic endeavour and community outreach.

Four upgraded dance studios, where new work is created by the Company and independent artists. Young dancers are trained and participants both young and old are taught to dance.

Studio 2, The Joan Barrie Studio – A Generous Gift From Catriona and Simon Mordant: The Company’s main rehearsal studio

Studio 4, The Wales Family Studio: The Company’s Pre Professional Year trainee dancer studio

State-of-the-art digital technologies to ensure that we reach audiences across the world.

Gym and physiotherapy facilities to support the wellbeing of our dancers.

Production facilities to support the presentation of our work.

Reconfigured café and foyer space.

Refurbishment of the administration offices

SDC Board member Catriona Mordant said, “We have admired the Sydney Dance Company for many decades and under the passionate artistic direction of Rafael Bonachela and being a Board member under Karen Moses’s leadership we are delighted to support the revitalisation of SDC’s home at The Wharf.

My mother Joan Barrie was involved in dance all her life and it is fitting that with Simon and my support, Studio 2, being the company’s main rehearsal studio, will be named after her. ”

Where will Sydney Dance Company relocate?

While the redevelopment is underway, the Company and the Studio classes will be moving to a custom designed studio in Ultimo, a 15 minute drive from the Wharf and a 10 minute walk from Central station near Broadway Shopping Centre.

Sydney Dance Company will continue to provide a wide variety of popular dance classes along with short courses and workshops. The relocation will not affect attendees of Sydney Dance Company’s shows in Sydney, which will continue to be performed at the Roslyn Packer Theatre.

Tony Wales of The Wales Family Foundation said, “The Wales Family is thrilled to be able to support this project, the artistic vision of Rafael Bonachela and his passion for nurturing the next generation of Australian contemporary dancers. Sydney Dance Company has been at the forefront of defining contemporary dance for decades and we are proud to contribute to this legacy by ensuring that the strong tradition of pushing the boundaries of creativity continues for generations to come.”

More information on the wharf transformation can be found on our website