Australian-based tech start-up, Tapt By Hatch, has launched Australia’s first physical digitised business card to market. By revolutionising the outdated business necessity, Tapt is streamlining contact transfers, providing a contact-free solution, and saving millions of business cards from landfill along the way.

With a reported 27 million business cards printed daily, 88% of which are tossed within a week of being passed on, Tapt is bringing a sustainable, sleek, and contact-free alternative to Australian consumers.

The innovative tech allows users to import their contact details onto the card and update them as needed – meaning there’s no more need for new cards when moving roles or changing positions.

Sharing contacts is easy, simply tap or scan your Tapt card onto a phone to share your contact details seamlessly.

Tapt’s sustainable ergonomic design is crafted from reusable materials, creating an environmentally-friendly and durable card that will stand the test of time.

Tapt By Hatch is available for purchase online with prices starting at $64.95. Consumers can choose to personalise their Tapt card, with personalised engraving available.

Tapt is revolutionising the business card industry and encouraging consumers to ditch the single- use business card.

Source: Tapt by Hatch