Time for the Shire and Sharks to shine . . . with a chick the helm.

Good on Madeline Tynan, who is determined to become the first woman president of an NRL club.

And of all clubs, the good old Sharks, who behavioural track record is as rosy as Gordon Ramsay’s rants, may just get the tonic it needs.

Determined the win back female fans – aren’t all NRL clubs? – this strong, no-nonsense woman will have a big job in front of her.

With the recent group-sex revelations, allegations of sex toys being handed out at training (some of the vaguer boys may have mistaken them for relay batons) and of course, Tony Zappia’s recent standing down as the Sharks chief executive just a few minor blokey issues she’ll need to address.

Ms Tynan, who some may say is used to dealing with sharks, well, her family is in the car business (a hugely successful one at that) has officially unveiled her intent to contest the Sharks presidency when the incumbent, Barry Pierce, steps down next week.

“I just want to help them get to the next phase of where they should be,” she said of the Sharks to the SMH.

“This is the one chance they have. They’ve been disconnected from their local market in various ways. Recent publicity about the Sharks has taken the club national all for the wrong reasons and that [the image] needs to be reinvented. We’ve seen that the Bulldogs have been able to do it and there’s no reason why the Sharks can’t do it. I believe there are various commercial ways we can do that, too, but we need a strong board to achieve that.

“I think if we can show them we want to produce a clean and mean corporate board they will come back, and if we realign ourselves with women, children, our sponsors and the community we can do it.

“It’s not a hard thing to do. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. We have to get back into the schools and start to market to our target [supporter] from when they are aged three or four. That is when you have a real Sharks supporter, you have to build that back into the schools and the community so they have something to believe in and to follow.”

I have known NRL boss David Gallop for many years – and a thorough gentlemen he is when it comes to business and the equality of women in the workplace – realises the importance of the female footy fan and we’ve often had chats about exactly that.

Well David, if getting someone like Ms Tynan to flex her female business muscle is one way to do it, I’m all for it and will be right behind it.
“When Cronulla made the semis last year there was a stream of Sharks supporters who came out of the Shire,” added Ms Tynan to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. There were buses, there were cars … it was just a stream. They believed in it. This year hasn’t only been tough for the supporters but it has for the club as well … for the marketing manager, the whole board. It has been extremely very tough.

“We have to get behind the players and the coach. We have to give them the right environment to take the club forward.”

Well Madeline, i just want to wish you well . . .