Too scared to take it off, it’s jewellery I’ve even slept in: LK and Crown gear up for Melbourne Cup madness . . .


You now how to read about red carpet regulars ‘borrowing’ jewels before they rave all about them on various Style Squad and Fashion Police awards wraps?

Well, when I have EVER been fortunate enough to be afforded that opportunity when I am  shooting for media stories, I’ve actually slept in them. And nothing else. I’ve put them under a pillow; clipped them (somehow) on a PJs pocket or stayed (much) of the night making sure (yes, yes there is usually a safe in a smart hotel room) bit then I still worry that will be broken into. Mad, I know.

So, I was more than excited to see the offering for Victoria’s 2012 Spring Racing Carnival from the LK Boutique in Melbourne, who will host an exquisite pop-up Emporium at CROWN from now until November 11th, capturing all the refined elegance of the horse season.


The month long event recalls a bygone era when sourcing timeless jewellery and stunning millinery to complement a race day outfit was an essential and fun highlight  of Melbourne’s style calendar.

A unique shopping experience, it will allow visitors to discover the best ways to style their accessories according to their race day outfits during a personalised styling session with fashion experts such as celebrity milliner, Richard Nylon.

Focusing on the Victorian era of racing, but with a Mad Hatter’s twist, the design of LK Boutique’s pop-up store will be delightfully eccentric.
Swathed in a harlequin pattern with pink highlights, a gold arched trellis and stunning floral display will entice CROWN guests, LK Boutique VIPs and the general pubic through a giant keyhole on the front door into a topsy-turvy wonderland.

Inside, furniture will perch on the ceiling, grass will grow on the floor and walls leading to a sideways tea party. LK Boutique’s exquisite range of handpicked jewellery will be beautifully displayed in delicate china teacups and teapots. Adding to the anticipation exclusive, high-end brands Pasquale Bruni and Giovanni Ferraris will be amongst the selection of unique pieces on offer in the emporium.


Hatboxes and old fashion hat stands will feature quintessential Richard Nylon couture headwear, designed specifically for LK Boutique’s event. Using a range of self-taught techniques, Nylon’s original pieces are hand-manipulated wearable art – sculptural creations of innovative design and imagination. His designs are extraordinary, blurring the line between fashion and art.

Sponsor, Hendrick’s Gin will provide liquid refreshments served up in gorgeous branded teacups. The brand is a perfect match for the pop up event, conveying as it does all the refinement and exquisite taste of the Victorian style.  Get down and have a look . . I certainly will . . and if I am lucky enough will get to sleep in some . . .