The newest collection is Ines’ modern interpretation of fashions in 1920s Montmartre, when the congeniality and delightfully cobblestoned streets of this hilltop Parisian neighborhood made it a hub of effortless social and artistic interactions.

Tweed, melton, cashmere, and corduroy fabrics underscore Ines’ paean to daily life in autumnal Paris in this authentic and elegantly tailored range of comfortable wardrobe essentials. The new kids’ line enables both mothers and children to enjoy French chic, a goal that Ines has held since the inception of the collection.

New women’s suits capture the exuberance and elegance of 1920s styling. The coat lineup has expanded to seven items in classical styles, including a tweed double face Chester coat, light short duffle coat, and quilted coat. There are also some playful pieces, such as a vintage style Motorcycle Sweater. The sleepwear is fashionably comfortable.

The kids’ range retains the quality fabrics, designs, and finishes of women’s items and includes pea coats, velvet tailor-made jackets, dresses, cardigans, and other stylish pieces inspired by French cinema.

Source: Uniqlo