Flowerbomb is the iconic, transformative fragrance that – with its profusion of flowers – has the power to shift the negative into the positive. Evocative notes of the floral bouquet awaken and transport youinto Viktor&Rolf’s magical, enchanted universe. With Flowerbomb, Viktor&Rolf have created an innovative, olfactory experience: a flower extravagance, exuding an air of opulence, with rich yet meticulously layered notes leaving a remarkable trail.

Flowerbomb transcends a fragrance – it is a symbol of positivity, a weapon of seduction, a powerful scent of transformation. Launched in 2005, Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum disrupted the market with its profound olfactory and visual impact.

Building onto Flowerbomb’s extensive narrative, Flowerbomb continued to innovate with the introduction of Flowerbomb Bloom in 2017 inspired by the thought of blossoms – a burst of flowers with undertones harkening the return of Spring days and invigorating air.

And now, Viktor&Rolf evolve and delight again as they ignite a new chapter of the Flowerbomb story introducing Flowerbomb Nectar – a sensual and intense integration of the original Flowerbomb reaching into the heart of the floral bouquet.

As Viktor&Rolf explore new olfactory possibilities, they push the boundaries of their transformational fragrance, delving into deeper layers of the heart of the floral bouquet from which Flowerbomb was born– giving Flowerbomb’s original bouquet a new intensity.

A floriental fragrance, Flowerbomb Nectar is a sensual interpretation of the Flowerbomb floral bouquet with more intense undertones. The delicate floral foundation of the Flowerbomb family is blended with an explosive gunpowder accord – imparting a unique, impactful impression and trail of smoky and metallic notes – unmistakably cloaked in Flowerbomb’s nascent identity.

An addictive concentrated elixir –achieved through the contrasts between the sparkling, floral, warm and smoky notes that are amplified in the layering of the scent.

Fruity and sparkling head notes with blackcurrant bud absolute and bergamot blend, explode with the smoky notes of the innovative gunpowder LivingTM. The LivingTM technology could be defined as anolfactive picture of a living plant, flower, food – an object or any element that has a smell. Using the last generation of headspace technologies to capture the odorous molecules from the element, they are then decoded in a laboratory and assembled back by the perfumers.

At the very heart of these flowers, lies an addictive and feminine flower liqueur enhanced by this infusion. Flowerbomb’s floral signature: the honeyed floralcy of orange flower absolute and the liquorous notes of osmanthus absolute are ever so faintly lilted with warm notes of vanilla, amber and benzoin at its base –adding a sensual touch. A fragrance allowing women’s powerful auras to emanate.

Flowerbomb’s iconic bottle is an artistic stance, a precious object wearing the Flowerbomb name and transporting the Flowerbomb bouquet. It is a luxurious weapon of seduction – an explosion of flowers ina bottle cut like a “diamond grenade” – the indestructible stone, yet as fragile as a fleeting instance of enchanting beauty.

Flowerbomb Nectar continues with this tradition. A new interpretation of the iconic bottle rendered in a denser silhouette with sharper, horizontal lines reflecting the intensity of this more potent, condensed fragrance. A substantial delineation as if the fragrance bottle was about to reveal the heart of the flower.

The new iteration by Viktor&Rolf is illustrated with its classic blush pink packaging and advertising –highlighted with laser-cut, beautiful, ethereal butterflies extracting nectar from the Flowerbomb source.

RRP 30ml $109, 50ml $169, 90ml $229

Source: Viktor & Rolf