Melbourne Martini is proud to announce that their ready to drink cocktail, Tommy Tequila Margarita is flying sky high. From early September, the delicious new cocktail will be available for purchase on Virgin Australia domestic and short haul flights.

Melbourne Martini is the first ready to drink cocktail available on Australian domestic flights, creating a unique in air experience for all Virgin domestic travellers.‘By bringing Melbourne Martini to the sky we plan to revolutionise the way people consume in the air, creating a new experience for travellers’ says Melbourne Martini Director, Alex Haeusler.

The Tommy Tequila Margarita is curated with only the best quality ingredients, including tequila sourced directly from Mexico combined with Australian lime juice, agave nectar and organic sugar syrup, creating the perfect holiday ready cocktail.

Melbourne Martini hopes to build upon this affiliation by creating and offering a range of artisan ready to drink cocktails for in air and lounge consumption, meaning less dreary airport bars and more Tommy Tequila Margarita.

The current product range includes four flavours: Espresso Martini, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Tommy Tequila Margarita and the new Amaretto Sour. Each drink requires chilling, shaking and pouring and let’s not forget enjoying. All drinks are gluten free and vegan friendly, with only Australian products used where possible.

Source: Melbourne Martini