Water, fire and land are the themes for Vivid Sydney at Barangaroo and Darling Harbour this year. For 23 days this popular entertainment precinct will be transformed into a zone of delight, wonder and theatre. Apart from being able to enjoy world-class cuisine along the waterfront, visitors will be treated to some of the most elaborate outdoor performances ever witnessed in this part of Sydney.

Awake The Ancient Spirits

As people sip their cocktails, ferries clunk against the wharf and the darkness descends, Barangaroo begins a fantastic journey into the time of myth and legend. The boardwalk is bathed in light and resonates with ethereal sounds. If you listen closely, you can hear the call of birds and the sea. The Liminal Hour transforms Barangaroo’s Wulugul Walk into a magical bushland setting.

Venture along and you’ll see possibly the most astounding thing ever: a six-metre tall puppet called Marri Dyin who will be performing on the esplanade each evening. The gargantuan but kindly figure is one of the biggest puppets ever constructed in Australia and pays tribute to the Aboriginal women who once lived around the Harbour – Marri Dyin means “Great Woman” in the Eora language.

A Feast For All The Senses

With around 30 bars and restaurants to choose from, Barangaroo is the ideal place to refuel during your evening at Vivid Sydney. Bag an outdoor table just metres from the installations and enjoy the show. Owners and staff are equally excited about welcoming the festival back this year.

Explore The Underwater Universe

The entertainment continues further along the waterfront in Darling Harbour where Fantastic Oceans brings the story of the oceans alive in fluorescent splendour. The installation, which seems to float across the Harbour, features giant jellyfish and a series of spouting fountains. Lasers ripple like ocean waves or etch silhouettes of deep sea creatures while moving-head lighting technologies emit glistening shards that pierce the surface of the this brilliant underwater world.

Look up and you’ll see a special 12-minute video presentation of Blue Planet II projected on the iconic roof of the Australian National Maritime Museum. These astonishing underwater images come from the award-winning documentary by BBC Earth and Sir Richard Attenborough.

Make sure you visit the Australian National Maritime Museum for James Cameron – Challenging the Deep, a major new immersive exhibition that traces Cameron’s deep sea exploration.

Source: Vivid Sydney