After being run over at a zebra crossing – not once but twice, Doublepay divorcees Chanel & Dior are forced to confront their worst nightmare…they are invisible!  Being 50, female and very very f***d off, they decided to create their own TV chat show. Fuelled by the fury of insignificance and a truckload of mojitos, these outraged ladies-who-lunch set out to investigate what the world’s thinking drinking women have to say about this shocking state of affairs.

With their old Kinkytoppers school chum Bettina Westfield Rockbottom dropping in for a nip at the bar and a sleepover on the balcony, Chan and Dee have their manicured hands full. But their show biz inexperience is exceeded only by their determination to stay hi-viz at 50.

“We plan to be bigger than a Kardashian bum on steroids,” said Chan, co-star of the new online comedy. Fellow cougar and co-host Dee hopes that, if nothing else, the show will ignite her Tinder inbox.

With all the characters performed by Helen O’Connor (Rake 2, Crownies), Louise McCabe (The Runner Up – Adelaide Festival Fringe )and Rhonda Doyle (Not Happy Jan TVC, Felony) the chat show is a vehicle for mature, Aussie comedy actresses.

Written by Helen O’Connor, Louise McCabe  & Claire Haywood (McLeods Daughters, The Pink House, Unreal Estate), directed and produced by Claire and designed by Teresa Negroponte (The Checkout, Sheilas), the creative team plan to give the blokes a run for their money when it comes to hard chat, cheap wigs and topical satire.

“Its such a thrill to be working with these incredibly talented women of a certain age. Chan & Dee’s Drink is stream of semi-consciousness at its best”, said director Claire Haywood.Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank premieres on Youtube at 4pm on Thursday January 23rd.

Source: Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank