Zeta-Jones frocks up in Collette Dinnigan

Catherine Zeta Jones joined some of Hollywood’s well-seasoned stars (read: older) to celebrate to honor one of their own brood. Who just happened to be her husband, Michael Doulgas.

The award _ the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Awards _ honored Mr Douglas with various reports telling us that his Welsh-born wife had a number of costume changes.

Including one into Sydney-based designer Collette Dinnigan when she got up on stage to do a number or two.

Nice to Ms Dinnigan’s international following is still a happening thing considering the GFC and an increasing Aussie dollar, making exports a tad more expensive than twelve months ago.

Other celebs in the throng were Kathleen Turner (who co-starred with Douglas twice); Melanie Griffith, Annette Bening, Sharon Stone and Jack Nicholson.