ANZAC Day 2020: The beautiful way Australians can honour Veterans this year


One of the most heartbreaking event cancellations of the COVID-19 crisis has been the forced cancellation of Anzac Day services, marches and events. In the absence of these important events, Aussie startup Cardly has stepped in to give Australians a way to directly honour and thank our veterans and their families by allowing them to send a card to them.


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Cardly is working closely with veterans organisations such as Legacy, War Widows Guild, RSL Lifecare and others to help get thank you cards to veterans and their families, to honour our heroes despite the lack of Anzac Day marches and events this year. All profits from card sales for isolated veterans will go to Legacy, a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. The fundraising initiative will help Legacy in lieu of physical fundraising that normally takes place at this time of year.

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Cardly has built technology that lets people select and write in a greeting card on their PC or Mobile, which they then print and post. Each card is designed by an independent artist and the message looks handwritten, allowing beautiful cards to be delivered in a completely safe way under current COVID-19 regulations. Cardly’s  talented artists have generously donated their time to create bespoke designs for the Anzac Day cards. Using planet friendly stock and planting 5 trees for every 100 cards sent, Cardly offers an eco-friendly card delivery service.

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Cardly CEO/Founder Patrick Gaskin said: “With just a few weeks to go, we hope that the Australian community will act quickly to ensure that we can bring as many smiles as possible to the faces of those who sacrificed so much to build the nation we enjoy today. We also hope that it will serve as a reminder that a few months of reduced freedom to keep Australian’s safe, is nothing really compared to what our military community has given up to keep us safe.”

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John Hutcheson, CEO of Legacy Club Services commented: “This year many of the widows that Legacy supports in nursing homes will not be able to attend ceremonial events to commemorate Anzac Day in person due to the increased regulation around safety and restricted access to other family members. I am extremely grateful to Cardly for partnering with Legacy to raise awareness of the widows and families that Legacy supports and raise much needed funds. I know that this work and your purchase of a card will bring a smile to the face of our isolated beneficiaries.”

Source: Cardly