Boody joins forces with Dr. Jane Goodall to launch the Official Underwear of the Entire Planet

One of the world’s leading environmental advocates, Dr.
Jane Goodall, has partnered with Australian underwear brand, Boody to become its first-ever global

The partnership sees Dr. Goodall feature in a new campaign that encourages Australians to help
change the world, simply by switching to bamboo underwear. With fashion production making up ten per cent of humanity’s carbon emissions – more than international flights and maritime shipping combined – Dr. Goodall said changing our underwear is one of the simplest changes we can make to support our environment.

“I’ve seen our planet, and the diverse life that lives on it, struggle from the effects of human-induced
climate change. The problems we face as a global community can seem insurmountable. Just a
glance at a newspaper or scroll through your phone is enough to make you put your head in the sand
and pretend it isn’t happening,” said Dr. Goodall.

“But while the reality is scary, what you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of
difference you want to make. Starting with mindful decisions about the things you can control, like the
underwear you buy. While it may not seem like much at the checkout, your decision to choose
sustainable and ethically made products can help.”

Boody, which has been championing sustainable fabrics and planet-friendly manufacturing since it
launched in 2012, partnered with Dr. Goodall in an effort to bring greater awareness to the
environmental issues caused by the fashion industry. She stars in Boody’s new brand campaign, with
one clip showing Dr. Goodall musing on the modern paradox of humans building machines to explore
other worlds – when there’s so much to do on our own planet.

Boody’s managing director Shaun Greenblo said, “When we started Boody, we wanted to prove that
comfort could not only feel good, it could do good for people and the planet. The fashion industry is a
significant contributor to global carbon emissions and it’s time for our industry to make a change – who
better to help us lead the way than Dr. Jane Goodall.

Just like swapping plastic bottles for reusable bottles and plastic bags to fabric totes, choosing
sustainably-made underwear is a small switch that can make a huge community impact.”

As Australia and New Zealand’s first underwear brand to achieve B Corp certification, Boody has an
ongoing commitment to keep the people and the planet top of mind across the entirety of its business,
challenging ongoing issues in the industry.

 Last year Boody launched The Goodness Loop, an ongoing partnership with Upparel where customers send their end-of-life items to Upparel’s HQ and get a voucher to restock their Boody favourites. Boody is also a member of the 1% for the planet
movement, with 1% of every online purchase donated to nonprofits that help protect the environment.

Dr. Goodall took part in Boody’s campaign in return for a donation to her charity The Jane Goodall Institute, which aims to make a difference for all living things through conservation, research and education.

Source: Boody