CAMILLA: ‘TIME TRIPPIN’ collection drops

When seeking inspiration for the CAMILLA Time Trippin’ collection, founder and creative director of her iconic namesake brand, Camilla Franks, travelled back in time.

Grounded and unable to travel, Camilla explored bygone eras and long forgotten paradigms in her moodiest collection to date. A darker colour palate is woven through the collection as a reflection the emotional and physical journey Camilla’s life has taken recently.

“I began working on this collection in 2020. During this time the world seemingly stopped, and we were unable to travel and get off the beaten path which is how we usually develop our prints. Our wings were clipped, so we had to think outside the box. We used the collection as a form of escapism and we travelled back in time seeking inspiration from artists, lovers, poets, architects, and dreamers of times past,” she said.

“Our prints are drawn, painted and created by hand by our team of in-house artists and they will always be the DNA of the brand. However, my new collection sees us evolving and moving away from our traditional prints and bursts of colour.”

“We soared back in time and visited different eras, immersing ourselves in the times and studying the greats: the poetry of Byron, the writings of Shakespeare, the iconic art of Alphonse and Klimt, the mesmerising stain-glass windows of Notre Dame, The Baroque, Gothic, Shakespeare and Deco eras all play a part of this upcoming collection,” she said.

Divided into 6 chapters, the season narrative of this collection honours the glitz and glamour of the roaring Twenties, the dark and mysterious Gothic era, the heavily stylised florals of Art Nouveau and the whimsy world of love in the Romantic era. The season ends with a nod to the royal and austere Baroque era, and a celebration of the mythical world of Shakespeare throughout Elizabethan times.

The CAMILLA collection includes mainline women’s, swim, men’s, children’s and home.