Candle Brand Offers Bespoke Aromas and Signature Hand-Poured, Earth-Friendly Soy Candles

A luxurious candle company has launched in Australia with a brand new ‘Candle Bar’ concept, where customers can create their own scent inspired by their favourite people, places and memories. Scent Studio is founded and poured by two cousins in Sydney and offers elegant soy candles which capture life’s moments while being kind to mother nature.

Sent Studio’s founders Michelle and Joanne hatched their idea when they were searching for a specific candle scent – lemon myrtle and lime – and couldn’t find the right aroma from other candle companies on the market. This gave them the inspiration to create a brand that could build bespoke candles for its customers, and the first Sent Studio flame was lit in September 2021.

The brand’s Candle Bar is unique to Australia; where unique memories like wedding days, perfect holidays, a dearly missed loved one, precious newborns or a place that means the world to someone can be captured as a scent and poured into an elegant candle. Customers follow three simple steps on the Sent Studio website to build their own candle:

  1. Choose one of three inspirations – a person, place or memory
  2. Share some words about why it’s special
  3. Pick from five base scents ranging from fruity and fresh to earthy, and add a name or description to the candle label

Sent Studio reviews each order carefully and curates a unique candle blend based on the brief within 7-10 days. The finished candle features the descriptions and inspirational notes on the label and are delivered directly to customers, priced $65.00 + shipping. The Sent Studio online boutique is now live at 

Alongside The Candle Bar, Sent Studio offers an aromatic Signature Collection of candles, blended to evoke some of the best things in life like Brekkie in Bed (citrus, vanilla and malt), the vacation-inspired Tropical Sunset (hibiscus, summer fruits and citrus), or an after dinner treat of Smooth Affogato (freshly brewed coffee, vanilla and cream). Signature Collection candles are all priced $45.00 and the brand also offers a sample kit for $25 where customers can choose five scents in 25g tins as a gentle flicker of the Sent Studio experience.

Many of the Sent Studio aromas are drawn from nature, and the brand is passionate about protecting the earth and choosing the most planet-friendly processes to bring its candles to life. The Candle Bar products are made to order and its Signature Collection candles are created in small batches to minimise waste. The candles themselves are crafted from sustainable materials including natural soy wax, FSC certified wood wicks and toxin-free oils, and Sent’s candle glasses are designed to be upcycled with reusable, biodegradable packaging. What’s more, $1 from every candle sale is donated to causes which help the planet to thrive via the i-Change initiative.

Source: Sent Studio