The (current) Bucket List, of the Australian travel variety

An ‘Aussie travel’ bucket list? There’s a few, according to my latest musings in Australian Traveller magazine:

How to cope travelling with slobs, wise words in Australian Traveller mag

Stuck in the middle with you...

Clowns to the left of her, jokers to the right, Melissa Hoyer comes clean about one of her all-time pet hates: flying with slobs.

We’re all pretty good at bashing our airlines. Cancelled flights, the ’tude of out-of-whack flight attendants, lost luggage, questionable food, stuffed audio systems and the at-times, lamentable loos – complaining about these, and more, is all part and parcel of travelling.
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Ubermodel Kristy Hinze and husband Jim Clark hit the Hamo high-life . . .

photographer Andrea Francolini

About as far north I travelled this week was Brisbane to be part of the Mercedes Brisbane Fashion Festival, but for a crew of others, Hamilton Island was the hot spot.

A swag of fashion and boating types flocked to the fair isle for a week of style and sea water as what looks to be an event to bookmark on the circuit calender. (Memo to self: save money to go next year.)
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Dinnigan's designs do some island dwelling on Hamo . . .

Pics by Andrea Francolini

Fashion designer, Collette Dinnigan, previewed her new Cruise Collection 2009 to guests at sunset on the secluded Pebble Beach at the luxury qualia resort, nestled on the revamped Hamilton Island.

The opening ‘walk’ was taken by one model du jour and here from New York, Elyse Taylor.
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MUDGEE: canes, cars and just a little bit of kitsch

ONCE we got the vocals of Traudl the Audi Audio Travel guide sorted (aka, the Sat Nav) it was Mudgee, here we come.

A contingent from the Oatley family (of wine and Hamilton Island fame) and a few ‘ friends of ‘ headed to the annual Burning of the Canes Feast – it’s the Oatley’s way of saying ‘see ya’ to the current grape vines, before new vines start growing for the picking next year. And a very cute way for 250 people to have a weekend in the wine precinct.
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