Cork and Canvas has teamed up with N2 to combine gelato & art


It may be the middle of winter, but our love of gelato still remains strong and the sweet tooths among us can rejoice for this match made in sugary heaven between Cork and Canvas and N2 Extreme Gelato. These two creative local businesses have teamed up to offer art classes dedicated to our favourite dessert as well as a wild new cheese and champagne inspired gelato flavour.

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N2 Extreme Gelato has created a bespoke gelato flavour, featuring Cork and Canvas’ signature teal colour (using a natural colouring) that will be served for FREE during these gelato inspired art classes. This new and very extra ‘Champagne Cheesecake’ gelato is cheesecake flavoured and boasts a white chocolate ganache to bring your childhood love of ‘Ice Magic’ to life. In addition, guests can add champagne shaped cookies or popping candy to the top of their Sundae. They weren’t kidding about it being extra! The new flavour nods to the snacks and drinks art fans enjoy within their workshops – cheese and bubbles.

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The new flavour will be available exclusively at Cork and Canvas’ Darlinghurst studio on the 2nd of August, as guests create their own ice cream sundae masterpiece on a Sunday. The new mouthwatering painting has been added so those with a sweet tooth can indulge in as much Cork and Canvas gelato from N2, as they like, while a Cork and Canvas Artist guides guests step by step in recreating the delicious artwork. The N2 Extreme Gelato team will be there with their signature liquid nitrogen to wow guests with their instagrammable experience where they make the delicious gelato before your eyes.

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Cork and Canvas Founder Melinda Janiszewski commented: “We are always looking for unique and creative experiences for our customers and couldn’t think of a better fit than partnering with N2 Extreme Gelato who are always pushing the boundaries of creativity with their flavours.”

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The session is still BYO drinks and nibbles, but N2 Extreme Gelato will bring the gelato! Spaces are limited, as Cork and Canvas continues to operate under COVID-19 government regulations so book your spot ASAP.

The session can be booked online via the Cork and Canvas website.

Source: Cork and Canvas