DJ Tigerlily, Shimma Marie, Olivia Vasquez and Oceana Strachan, Bras N Things launch Valentine’s Day campaign

Whether your love is bold, fun, passionate, sweet, complicated or something else entirely, there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to embrace whatever makes your heart race. 

With delicate embroidery, bold strapping details, intricate lace, and lush florals in styles that range up to a G cup and size 20, the Bras N Things Valentine’s Day collection has the perfect piece to help you express your own versions of love and do Valentine’s Day your way.

Olivia Vasquez, Oceana Strachan, DJ Tigerlily (Dara Hayes), and Shimma Marie share their experiences of love in the Bras N Things campaign.

Bras N Things’ Head of Marketing Natalie Chalmers said, “We all know you don’t need a ‘loved one’ in your life to enjoy Valentine’s Day – why limit yourself? Love means something different to each and every one of us, and Bras N Things Valentine’s Day campaign embraces that. My love can be romantic, brave, equal, fun or sometimes a combination of them all depending on how I am feeling on a particular day. At Bras N Things we are all about expressing love any way you like and this campaign covers a huge range of styles, sizes colours and moods to give women more choice than ever before.”

This collection was designed specifically to be mixed and matched with pieces from across the range. With complementary colours and features that pair perfectly together, like the ‘Roses’ sleepwear print and the stunning multi-coloured lace in the Trish lingerie range, there are endless ways to create the perfect outfit to suit any mood.

Head of Product at Bras N Things, Jessica Lauppe-Guy said, “We’ve brought our brand positioning – ‘I Am Many Things’ – to life in this Valentine’s Day collection. From the playful mood of the ‘lover heart’ print sleepwear, the seductive feel of the ‘Domme’ playwear and sassy vibes of the ‘True Romance’ Vamp – there are so many ways to show what your love is this Valentine’s Day.” 

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Source: Bras N Things