East 33 launches winter (oyster) collection with Georgia Fowler


Major Sydney Rock Oyster (SRO) farmers East 33 has launched its Winter Collection for 2020, featuring a hand-selected package of in-season oysters curated from three farms dotted along the NSW coastline. The Winter Collection not only presents perfectly in-season oysters but it also strives to curate an educational journey for oyster-lovers by presenting three unique offerings crafted using differing farming techniques. The result is a distinctly season-appropriate flavour profile.

“What we wanted to display with this collection is that oysters – and in our case, Sydney Rock Oysters – aren’t just a summer luxury. Winter is the perfect time to launch this because it’s so rarely the season that comes to mind when many of us think of oysters. As a result, so many oyster lovers are missing out on these remarkable winter tastes. We’re really excited for people to try it. We think it’s something very special,” said James Garton, East 33’s Chairman.

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An oyster’s flavour will change throughout the year, due to local environmental conditions and spawning cycle. New South Wales is blessed with such a wide-spanning, pristine coastline that oysters and their diverse flavours can be enjoyed year-round if you have the right location and the right farmer. The Winter Collection series seeks to take that idea even further by featuring three hand-picked farmers who East 33 believe have something remarkable to offer during this season.

In winter 2020, some of the farms selected for East 33’s Winter Collection each use different farming techniques and are located in regions that have been affected by the bushfires and therefore lacked traditional tourist numbers this year.

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The East 33 Winter Collection locations are:

  • Pambula: Young farmer Jack Salt with his appropriately salty, creamy gems of the water.
  • Merimbula: Farmer Adi Pinkerton with his unique multi-lake growing technique that formulates a rich, smooth flavour.
  • Port Stephens: Veteran farmer Robert Diemar leads a hardworking team whose oysters are delicately sweet but full flavour with a salty bite and a long, rich finish

With SROs carrying the taste of the waters in which they are farmed, Sydneysiders can experience the flavours and delicacies of their favourite holiday location from home, whilst helping to support these local farmers.

Perfect for date nights, dinner parties and gifting occasions, customers can choose to order two dozen shucked or unshucked oysters from one select farm ($69+ free delivery), or get a taste of all three with a three dozen pack ($99+ free delivery). As always, East 33 offers farm-direct pricing and next-day home delivery.


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 East 33 teamed up with Creative Director Romy Frydman to develop a series of videos featuring model Georgia Fowler and her boyfriend Nathan Dalah that takes the oyster brand from an exceptional produce-item to a luxurious must-have.

As Romy explains, “When I was first approached by East 33 to create a film of treasured moments at home with music, champagne and oysters, I naturally thought let’s use a real life couple – so I asked friends Georgia Fowler and Nathan Dalah to set the scene. My vision was for the audience to feel like voyeurs into a world of intimacy, treasured moments, set amongst luxurious oysters and a stylish background with a touch of high fashion mixed in too.”

After many requests, East 33 also recently launched its 33 Subscription service. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the team will curate a selection of fresh Sydney Rock Oysters into one exceptional subscription box and bring it fresh from their shellar door to your front door.

Orders can be placed via East 33’s website: www.east33.sydney

Source: East33