EasyTattTM is an artist-run Australian company manufacturing premium grade non-permanent tattoos. Their products and services are designed for adults and allow people to test drive different designs, sizes and placements on the body before getting the needle.

EasyTatt covers all basis of non-permanent tattoo technology, selling both semi-permanent and premium temporary. Forget the trashy temp tattoos you had as a kid, this is on another level. Their premium temporary options utilise a formula that removes shine from the tattoos, giving them an ultra-realistic matte appearance and making them last longer. Their semi-permanent tattoo kits are world class and use a 100% natural and vegan ink.Since launching in Australia in 2015, EasyTatt has helped tens of thousands of people trial their tattoo ideas and avoid tattoo regret. Their speciality area is custom non-permanent tattoos whereby people can upload their own design or commission a brand-new design from one of their artists.

Don’t have a design in mind? No problem. The company has a library of over 5000 designs across 60 different categories to choose from. The authentic designs available on their website have been contributed by real artists and illustrators from around the globe who receive a royalty payment on every sale of their work.

Some of the countries where EasyTatt artists are from include: Germany Russia USA Canada Israel Cyprus France Mexico Australia England Scotland Indonesia Dubai Thailand Importantly, since the very beginning, the tattoo-obsessed staff who work at EasyTatt have made it very clear: their goal is not to replace real tattoos, rather, their mission is to help people make a more informed decision before committing to the real thing. “You test drive a car before you commit, why not a tattoo?”

Source: Easy Tatt