Euphoria is the most inspirational show for viewers makeup looks & fashion choices – with over 1.3 million combined annual searches.

The study by Uswitch analysed Google search data from the last twelve months to discover the most inspiring TV shows and characters for our fashion & makeup looks.

Top 5 TV shows that influence our makeup
Euphoria – 824,000 annual searches
Friends – 513,300 annual searches
WandaVision – 39,500 annual searches
Bridgerton – 13,170 annual searches
Stranger Things – 11,490 annual searches

Euphoria is the most inspirational TV show for our makeup. The dramatic makeup looks featuring bold colours, dramatic liner and face jewels have once again taken social media by storm after the release of the second series this month and saw 519,500 searches over the last year.

Top 5 TV shows that influence our fashion

Euphoria – 519,500 annual searches
Peaky Blinders – 513,300 annual searches
Emily in Paris – 265,100 annual searches
Friends – 142,900 annual searches
Stranger Things – 111,500 annual searches

Euphoria is also the most influential TV show on our style, with each of the Gen Z cast members having their own distinct style to take inspiration from. But which Euphoria character is inspiring the world’s fashion and makeup the most?
Maddy – 221,000 combined annual searches
Cassie – 153,370 combined annual searches
Rue – 138,700 combined annual searches
Jules – 93,000 combined annual searches
Kat – 49,260 combined annual searches

Maddy Perez is the shows most influential style & beauty icon, with 221,000 people searching for how to emulate her look in the last year. She is also the only Euphoria character to rank in the top 10 most inspirational TV characters of all time for fashion and makeup looks, raking 9th for fashion and 4th for beauty.

Source : Uswitch