Former PM Malcolm Turnbull claims he can do 100 push ups at Elite Spinal Physio & Pilates launch


During the Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates launch event, Former PM Malcolm Turnbull gave a warm welcome to the crowd sharing the story of his own back surgery and how Brigitte Seelin and Elisha Renton, Physiotherapists and Co-Funders of Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates helped him through his recovery. He even went on to claim that he can do 100 push ups!

“I think the other great thing that you do is not just the exercises that you instruct your patients in, it’s also the way in which you are both so highly trained that you know so much about how the body works and how the back works that you’re able to give me a much better understanding of what is essentially a bit of flesh and blood and bone and machinery – which is our bodies. Getting a better understanding of how that works and keeping it moving, effective, efficient and strong. “

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Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates is Sydney’s premiere spine and headache treatment centre. The clinic has recently been expanded and undergone a full refurbishment. The brand new clinic provides client-focused care, with state of the art hands on spinal treatment and tailored Physiotherapist led clinical Pilates sessions.

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The new clinic in Bondi Junction is a tranquil oasis where clients can enjoy relaxing Physiotherapy treatments and clinical Pilates sessions. Boasting a modern interior with soft finishes, clients can truly unwind when they arrive. The founders sought out the award winning Architect Tom Mark Henry to create a beautiful space that functions as a Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic but feels like a exclusive health resort.

All practitioners have a particular interest in back pain physiotherapy. Providing a targeted approach to treatment followed by a rehabilitation program aimed at restoring your body and spine back to optimal function. It is a one-stop shop where you can receive second to none hands on treatments and then be set up with a tailored exercise program, which you can access via their app wherever you are. Elite Spinal works closely with many of Sydney’s top Neurosurgeons, Sports Physicians, Pain Specialists and GP’s.  In fact they also have an in house Pain Specialist and Clinical Psychologist.

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Elisha Renton, Co-Founder commented: “After struggling with my own neck and pelvis issues following a car accident, I realised there was a real need for a clinic that focuses solely on the spine. The spine is such a fascinating and complicated part of the body. Unfortunately that means that many different things can go wrong with it. People can suffer from an array of different issues. These all need to be treated very differently. Our aim was to create a clinic where our staff were highly experienced in this area so our clients could achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Co-Founder, Brigitte Seelin added: “It has been quite the journey for Elisha and I since establishing Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates in 2013. It has been a privilege to be able to help so many of our clients who suffer from complex and chronic spinal conditions. We are passionate about not only treating our patients with a hands-on approach but also empowering them to help themselves through tailored exercise, strength and flexibility programs.”

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Elite Spinal has become the industry leaders for clinical Pilates in the Eastern Suburbs with over 50 classes now on the timetable. Using a range of Pilates equipment, Elite’s expert physiotherapists are able to work closely with clients to treat an array of conditions from lower back pain to headaches. They run semi-private clinical Pilates sessions with a maximum of four clients per session or private sessions.

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