Over 40% of Australians have revealed that COVID could cancel their Christmas party this year according to a new independent survey carried out on behalf of Funlabvirtual.com.  

The new survey found that half of Australians (50%) have already had to cancel a Christmas get together this year because of COVID and now the pandemic might be jeopardising their work Christmas party, with 40.63% of respondents unsure on whether their end year celebration with colleagues will go ahead because of COVID.

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Funlab Virtual is keeping the festive vibe alive by launching three new hosted virtual games especially for Christmas, so that businesses can still have fun-fuelled end-of-year celebrations with staff regardless of any pandemic restrictions.

“The survey revealed that 74.51% of Australians are still working from home full time or part of the time, so getting everyone together physically in one room is going to more difficult than ever,” explains Funlab Virtual CEO Michael Schreiber.

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“As the operators of 45 entertainment venues, we understand the challenges that large businesses are facing trying to organise COVID safe Christmas parties,” says Schreiber. “Although strict lockdowns have ended, restrictions on social gatherings across the nation remain in place to stop the spread of COVID, making virtual parties immensely appealing”

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“A virtual game is a pandemic proof solution to end of year celebrations. It’s also an effective team building activity that can help boost morale and bring together 5 to 5000 colleagues from all over the country for some hard-earned end of year fun – something that’s just not possible in hospitality venues at the moment,” says Schreiber.

“Our three new hosted games immerse guests into unprecedented virtual worlds such as your very own desert island. ‘Choose Your Adventure’ is inspired by the hugely popular survival shows, ‘Quiz Race’ is a fun quick-fire round of the best trivia, and ‘The Game Show’ is a nostalgic fusion of some of Australia’s most iconic game shows.”

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 Funlab Virtual is brought to you by the masterminds behind Strike bowling, Holey Moley Golf Club, Sky Zone, B. Lucky & Sons, Juke’s Karaoke and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq. Funlab Virtual delivers fully hosted remote events that bring the laughs and guarantee ultimate engagement for groups of all sizes. The current games include Virtual Team Building, Virtual Trivia, Virtual Escape Rooms, Choose Your Adventure, Quiz Race and The Game Show.
Source: FunlabVirtual