An Australian icon since 1853, Australia’s oldest continually operating fine jeweller, Hardy Brothers, has opened a new Sydney flagship store at 60 Castlereagh Street with a complete brand transformation. The new look and feel aims to modernise the brand without alienating traditional customers and appealing to a new generation of luxury shoppers. Hardy Brothers new mission was simple—convey its heritage and appeal more clearly to a new generation of luxury shoppers while maintaining ideas, principles and values that define its history. To do so, the fine jeweller focused on creating a unique Hardy Brothers experience and establishing a new chapter as the custodian of luxury jewellery in Australia.

“Design underpins everything we do, and we have an incredible history and legacy in that space. We constantly seek to make luxury relevant while responding to prevailing design trends. As a custodian of luxury for more than 165 years, we have a great responsibility to uphold the ideals, principles and values that our customers have come to expect over this time,” said Mr Bishop.

The company appointed leading luxury branding and creative agency, 3 Deep, to revitalise its store design, beginning with the Brisbane flagship store and rolling out across the country with the Melbourne boutique next on its list.

3 Deep aimed to capture Hardy Brothers’ commitment to celebrating rarity, artisanship and quality, and crafted bespoke 3D printed plinths with operable glass presentation cases and a faceted, coloured stainless steel partition wall to envelop the Vault salon. This was coupled with Gallery-inspired display plinths which control the ceremony of engagement with customers. The luxurious palette of materials include polished Venetian plaster, fine leathers, and rich Australian timbers.

The experience’s pièce de resistance is the ‘Vault’ salon—a space for private viewings of the world’s most coveted diamonds and gems. Hardy Brothers is the Southern Hemisphere’s only fine jeweller to proudly hold the Royal Warrant while simultaneously being a select atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds. The space acknowledges the gravitas and drama of this honour.

Given the store is so conceptually rich and layered with meaning, one of the biggest challenges was ensuring it didn’t appear academic and overburdened with ideas. 3 Deep’s design reads as a singular narrative that reveals its flourishes and detail over time.

“Artfully designed to provide a unique theatre of experience for clients, the space reveals itself over time,” explained David Roennfeldt, 3 Deep Design’s Executive Creative Director.

The brand refresh delivers a unique and highly curated theatre of experience for clients, backed by Hardy Brothers’ 165 years of creative experience in the fine jewellery craft.
“Our brand’s commitment to knowledge, luxury and craft is on full display. Beyond aesthetic appeal, it allows us to increase engagement while celebrating the virtues and values we hold sacred,” Mr Bishop said.

“The design favours meaningful exchange over ephemeral commerce. It’s also about demonstrating what makes our brand unique while respecting our customers’ dreams and desires,” he added.

Source: Hardy Brothers