The Lismore Legacy – Seven Decades Captured in Crystal

For over 200 years Waterford has been harnessing the spirit of the Irish elements to craft the most beautiful pieces in the finest quality crystal. In 2022, Waterford celebrates the birth of its most iconic pattern, Lismore. In 1952, forging his reputation as the ‘maestro of crystal’, chief designer, Miroslav Havel, created the most loved pattern still to this day. 

Lismore was inspired by the gothic architecture, particularly the windows and towers, of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland. Over the years, Lismore has undergone quite a journey of different interpretations on curving silhouettes and striking different colors, however the flowing upright wedge cuts and unsurpassed diamond cuts always remained the same.

Lismore Arcus
In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Lismore, Waterford has created the Lismore Arcus pattern. While Lismore’s unrivalled crisscross pattern remains unchanged, Lismore Arcus draws inspiration from the sweeping arches and tall vaulted ceilings of the castle. While reinterpreted, the new design is faithful to the beloved pattern and celebrates the next chapter of Lismore.

Hand-crafted at the House of Waterford in Ireland, the Lismore Arcus Mastercraft Entertaining set is a statement piece for any discerning host. The stunning set is a limited, exclusive edition of 70 pieces, to mark Waterford’s 70th Anniversary of the original Lismore pattern. This iconic Mastercraft design focuses on micro diamond cuts embedded between sweeping arch cuts. The inspiration behind the design of this celebratory piece is the 1950s cocktail era, showcasing a modern look but with a nod to the past. This iconic set is sure to create memories that will last forever while sharing a drink with family and friends.

Statement pieces in the collection include the Lismore Arcus two-piece vase. The unique vase features sweeping arches and tall vaulted ceilings of the Lismore castle expertly crafted enhancing cut crystal with satin finish details. Showcase your favorite bouquet with this unique Vase allowing for tighter bouquets using the top or use just the bottom for larger bouquets. 

Lismore 1952 Lismore stemware is returning home to Ireland’s shores, back in the hands of Waterford Master craftsmen, hand crafted in House of Waterford just like it was back in 1952. The new Lismore 1952 collection is celebrating a timeless classic with modern drinkware sizes while maintaining the heritage of the beloved design. Celebrating the 70th anniversary, each piece is adorned with ‘Lismore 70’ on the stem facet, making the collection truly unique and one of a kind.

Source: Waterford