LOCKDOWN LEGENDS: Baked by Blonde Butler

Some of Sydney’s hard-working restaurant, cafe & bar owners, and their staff, have been given a sweet, surprise (and COVID-safe) ‘pat on the back’ this week for their efforts in finding creative ways to stay afloat during the lockdown.

To celebrate the launch of dessert gifting service Baked by Blonde Butler, owner Alex Cadger and his team delivered delicious ‘Lockdown Legends’ brownie slabs to 30 hospitality businesses across Sydney, in recognition of their can-do approach to the challenges thrown up by the lockdown.

“I’ve been so impressed with how my fellow hospitality industry workers have risen to the occasion time
and time again over the past 18 months. I’ve seen everything from little cafes doing coffee deliveries for their customers… to big fancy restaurants swapping fine-dining for ‘firing up the BBQ’ and serving succulent sausage sandwiches on the sidewalk. I know how hard the whole industry is working at the moment, so I thought I’d do a little something to give back to these ‘Lockdown Legends’,” Alex said.

Baked by Blonde Butler is a sweet treat gifting service specialising in fully customisable decadent retro cake, cookie and brownie/blondie slabs. Each slab can be personalised with a delectable array of delicious toppings and finished off with a message written in chocolate. The menu also includes mouthwatering modern twists on many much-loved favourites like vanilla slices, jam & cream doughnuts and lamingtons. Orders can be placed worldwide for delivery across the Greater Sydney region. All desserts are made to order at parent company The Blonde Group’s headquarters in Sydney.

This week’s launch of Baked by Blonde Butler is, in itself, a response to current COVID-related challenges after The Blonde Group experienced a 75% downturn in bookings for their professional event catering services when the Sydney lockdown was announced in June.

“Almost immediately I had dozens and dozens of clients cancel and my business essentially dried up overnight. I had to make the heartbreaking decision to temporarily stand down some of my staff, but I knew I wanted to get us all back in the game as quickly as possible. So that’s where the idea of starting Baked was born,” Alex said

In launching Baked by Blonde Butler, The Blonde Group has been able to offer additional hours to many of its kitchen & support staff and rehire casual workers to assist with deliveries.

Among the 30 recipients of this week’s special ‘Lockdown Legends’ deliveries…

Con Grazotis Con’s Continental Deli in Glenbrook:
“A huge thank you to The Blonde Butler for the scrumptious delivery, it was the perfect treat to tuck into after a big day out delivering delicious fresh produce to my local customers. I love it when the industry supports each other!”

Tom Morrison Rukus Café in Newport:
“When lockdown hit we started doing Friday night dinner delivery kits to keep as many of our staff in work as possible. Congrats to Alex for also pivoting his own business – and supporting his staff – in such a creative and yummy way!”

Jess Jenkins Mr Watkin’s Bar & Restaurant in Penrith:
“Cheers to The Blonde Butler for recognising our business and making my staff’s day so much sweeter! We’ll be toasting you tonight during one of our Zoom cocktail lessons… with a signature Mr Watkin’s cocktail jar in hand, of course!”

In the coming weeks, Baked by Blonde Butler will also be surprising other ‘Lockdown Legends’ with deliveries, including frontline workers, homeschooling students & their parents, and fully-vaccinated Aussies.

“One of the great things about owning a hospitality business – particularly one specialising in cakes, cookies and brownies – is you can give deserving folks a bit of a treat every now and then. There are so many people in our community bending over backwards doing great things at the moment with very little fanfare. So if a little delivery from us can help brighten up their day, that makes me very happy,” Alex said.

To nominate a ‘Lockdown Legend’ that you think deserves a delivery from Baked by Blonde Butler:

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  2. Upload a photo/message to your Instagram story in which you briefly outline your nomination, tagging @bakedbytbb and #LockdownLegend

To order a Baked by Blonde Butler delivery, please visit www.blondebutler.com.au

Source: Baked by Blonde Butler