Look Up! Hendrick’s Gin is Bringing a Week of Wonder to Sydney with a Magnificent Spectacle in the Sky

To kick off its Week of Wonders, Hendrick’s Gin will take centre stage with a unique and ambitious event. The world-famous gin makers will attempt to complete a feat that has never previously been seen in Australia, launching the Most Unusual Balloon Flight – a circus of large hot air balloons which will fly together and circle Sydney, requiring careful poise, resilience, choreography – and unique weather patterns.

This courageous endeavour will only take place with the emergence of favourable environmental conditions, with clear skies and wind level at optimum knots, blowing in an optimal direction. Take-off is set for sunrise and the balloons will light up the sky as the city begins to wake, encouraging Sydneysiders to enjoy an unconventional start to their day. The balloon flight path will see it make its way across Sydney, taking off from the heart of the iconic city, Parramatta.

Curious consumers looking for a morning pick-me-up, can snap an image of this peculiar affair as it glides across Sydney skies and exchange their photograph for a free Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic at participating venues across the city and Parramatta. These include: Potts Point Hotel, Frisco Hotel, The Tilbury, Hotel Palisade, Glenmore Hotel, Orient Hotel, Nick & Nora’s and Heritage Lounge.

Should Hendrick’s Gin achieve its unique feat, the Most Unusual Balloon Flight will soar 1,300 cucumbers high in the sky which is higher than the city’s tallest building, Crown Sydney – enabling all Sydneysiders to stop, seek and snap this most ambitious event. 

Leading the Most Unusual Balloon flight is Kiff Saunders, Chief Balloon Pilot, Global Ballooning Australia, who says he wouldn’t bother ballooning if it was easy. “There’s a lot to it; when you’re in the air you’ve got no steering, no brakes, no suspension. The only thing you can do is go up or down and you’re at the mercy of the winds. Hendrick’s Gin’s Most Unusual Flight will be a flight like none other – that’s what attracts me to it as well as the opportunity to create a piece of history.”

Luke Sanderson, Brand Ambassador, Hendrick’s Gin, said; “It wouldn’t be a Hendrick’s Gin affair without the extraordinary. We are going above and beyond – both literally and figuratively – to show Sydneysiders that things really are looking up. Adding whimsy and wonder is what we do and we hope Sydneysiders will join us as we raise a glass to escaping the conventional and embracing the unique – and peculiar – wonders of our world.”

As part of the Week of Wonder, those who snooze and miss out on the Most Unusual Balloon Flight, can still relinquish their boredom and enlighten their happy hour with a free tipple at participating bars. From Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th March between 4:00-7:00pm, peculiar penny farthings will roam the Sydney CBD to bring an afternoon delight to the masses. Sydneysiders can collect a cucumber from curious Victoriana characters frolicking the streets and swap Hendrick’s’ beloved green garnish, for a complimentary cocktail at participating venues including PS40 and The Barbershop. Capping off the Week of Wonder will be Hendrick’s Peculiar Gin Garden situated at Campbells Cove, The Rocks, which will offer free cucumber sandwiches and Gin and Tonic’s from 2:00-8:00pm, Thursday to Saturday.

For more information on the campaign, head to the Hendrick’s Gin Australia Facebook page – www.facebook.com/hendricksgin.   

Source: Hendrick’s Gin