Pampered With Purpose: Nominations open for Donny Galella’s style initiative

After the success of Donny Galella’s 100 Makeovers in 100 Days blitz last year, he has now announced an initiative to celebrate Australian women with the launch of Pampered with Purpose

Mr Galella says this initiative is based on the belief that real role models should be respected for their work, not the infamous role models that do little to contribute to positive change in the world. 

“The mission of Pampered with Purpose is to celebrate those helping to make our world a better place,” says Galella.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing celebrities and influencers use their platform to plug random products without thinking of the person on the other side of the screen.”

“Instead I want to shine a light on women with purpose and passion. Women who go above and beyond, women who would make stellar role models for my nieces.”

Pampered with Purpose is driven by the goal to simply say ‘Thank You’ and give back to those who make a positive impact by providing them with a makeover experience or a curated pamper pack delivered to their door. 

“There is no need to makeover anyone’s appearance from scratch or change the way they look to fit an unrealistic beauty standard, I just want them to feel celebrated and respected,” says Galella. 

Nominations are open Australia-wide at

Source: Donny Galella