R.M.Williams join forces with designer Marc Newson


Iconic Australian bootmaker R.M.Williams and designer Marc Newson have announced the launch of The Yard Boot 365 – the first boots designed as part of the brand’s Undeniable Character platform.

The Yard Boot 365 has been developed as a future icon for R.M.Williams, with Newson’s interpretation of the classic Gardener Boot from The Yard Boot series, serving as a modern-day work boot for the modern-day worker.

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The Gardener Boot, first introduced by R.M.Williams in the late 1950s, was hailed as the ultimate hardwearing work boot at the time. The boots were intended as the complete answer to “the combined effects of mud, water and sand” and specifically designed for the purpose of working in long grass, orchards, dairies, swampy or sandy conditions.

While the design philosophy of R.M.Williams hasn’t changed, designed with purpose for life’s adventures, the way we work has – considerably. It’s with those changes in mind that Marc designed The Yard Boot 365, ensuring that the modern worker, the global tastemakers and those that are leading change have an accessible and fashionable boot to support their goals.

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The Yard Boot 365 designed for both men and women, draws its name from the iconic Australian term, the ‘yard’, and 365 because of its intent to be a boot that’s able to be worn all year-round, no matter the conditions. The boot is made from a single piece of leather, a fully engineered elastic gusset with R.M.Williams iconic tug, under foot comfort through the addition of Poron padding under full leather sock lining and a rubber outsole with a minimum 8mm depth in the tread.

The boots are available in six colours and three leather types, with the full range including:

Black: Greasy leather kip, Walnut: Greasy leather kip, Indigo: Soft Italian leather, Olive: Soft Italian leather, Quarts: Suede and Off-white: Suede.

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R.M.Wiliams collaborator and industrial designer, Marc Newson, said, “As an Australian, I was thrilled to have been asked to design a boot for RM Williams, a brand that I have grown up with and have great appreciation for ever since I got my first pair of boots in my early teens. I have had the most fulfilling experience collaborating with this company and especially designing a product that I have always loved.

“The new Yard Boot 365 is a product which is I hope both modern yet communicates the values and craftsmanship of RM Williams. It is always very important for me to integrate the DNA associated with the brand I am working with and incorporate it in the design. It is not about re-inventing the wheel but respecting the DNA of the brand. There had to be a certain character, something about the new boot to make it different enough to appeal to a new audience as well as to the faithful.”

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R.M.Williams’ CMO, Mathew Hayward added, “Marc is the epitome of an Undeniable Character. The pioneering vision, tenacious appetite in the pursuit of design perfection, mixed with his incredible humility – working with Marc has been a joy and an experience. Marc’s design sensibility paired with R.M.Williams blend of rugged elegance has produced something incredible that we can’t wait to share with the world, our new future icon”

The limited edition Yard Boot 365 will be available to purchase from 28 October onwards at $445 RRP, and has been developed and manufactured in R.M.Williams’ Australian workshop in South Australia.

Find out more about The Yard Boot 365 and the collaboration with Marc Newson at: www.rmwilliams.com.

Source: R.M.Williams