Soma Byron debuts online course ‘RISE’ with Gary Gorrow

Soma Byron has announced their debut online course ‘RISE’ as an antidote to the increase in stress and anxiety prevalent in many of our lives.

 Led by Vedic meditation teacher, health and mindfulness coach Gary Gorrow, RISE is an on demand program online created for individuals to transform their daily lives using a synthesis of ancient practices and science-based tools.

RISE is an on demand, seven-part program for individuals to address stress, anxiety and transform their daily lives as we traverse uncertain times as a collective.

RISE was created as a bespoke offering after Soma Byron Founders Gary Gorrow and Peter Ostick’s research indicated that stress and anxiety were skyrocketing at an alarming rate. Through their retreat experiences and feedback from their community, they have observed that people were looking for more support and tools to navigate daily life and maintain a sense of balance, particularly during times of increased pressure.

Soma’s first ever at-home online course for mindfulness and meditation, RISE is led by Soma Byron’s Gary Gorrow who has over 17 years of experience as a Vedic meditation practitioner (master teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach, mindfulness expert, high performance coach, motivational speaker and social entrepreneur.

Gary Gorrow, Founder and Teacher, Soma Byron said: “We are designed to be happy and thrive, yet we’re all witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of people, of all ages and backgrounds experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. The fast-paced modern world coupled with the uncertainty of our times is really taking its toll on many people. Mental health conditions have become a universal challenge and it is not surprising given the present state of our world.

Through working with thousands of people I’ve realised there is no magic cure for anxiety, no magic pill, nor can there be a one size fits all approach. As human beings we are all unique and multifaceted, hence any approach needs to be nuanced, holistic and intelligently founded. RISE is our response to the need of the time and a way in which people can neutralise a condition which affects so many lives.

To maintain our health, happiness and high performance, recalibration is key. We need effective resources. RISE is a course to empower people with a new perspective, practical knowledge and science-based tools that will serve to create the foundations for a richer life.

Gary’s services are sought after by individuals and some of the world’s leading companies for his innovative meditation and mindfulness programs in Sydney and internationally. He is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer their lives inside and out; to maximise performance and success in their personal and professional lives. His approach synthesizes the best of modern science and ancient consciousness-based practices.

Co-Founder for Soma Byron, Peter Ostick’s professional and personal journey has been instrumental in the development of the RISE program. Peter has over 20 years of experience building companies in the media and technology sector and now in addition to his work for Soma he invests and advises CEO’s in growing early-stage businesses. Peter experienced hospitalisation 10 years ago as a result of overwork, stress and exhaustion. A corporate burn out situation led Peter to Gary Gorrow’s reputable teachings with the intent to reconnect to his consciousness and health; a teacher he now attributes to arming him with meditation and mindfulness tools while also being scientific, contemporary and relatable in his approach.

Peter Ostick, Founder, Soma Byron said: “RISE allows Soma teachings to be accessible to many people impacted by stress and anxiety due to its digital nature and Gary’s unique approach. The turbulent times of the past 18 months which limit in person connections have only heightened the need for bite-sized learning tools online; RISE can be experienced on demand, from wherever you may be. We hope RISE offers some respite and support to allow people to navigate their daily lives in a more grounded, peaceful state of being.”

RISE aims to impart knowledge, practices and tools for its students to understand the root causes of dis-ease, to develop a higher connectedness to the self, commit to a life changing yoga and breath practice, learn crucial mind techniques and access the seven principles to regulate your life.

The RISE course with teacher Gary Gorrow is available online only as a seven part program from August 27 for $349 or as part of a Soma Collective premium membership for $29 per month with a 12 month minimum subscription. The Soma Collective premium membership offers access to the Soma Byron digital platform and includes the RISE course as well as exclusive online Masterclasses, workshops and meditations each month.

For Soma Collective premium memberships and RISE course bookings, please visit: (launching August 27)

Soma Byron continues to offer world class in person retreat experiences at their purpose-built sanctuary in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Soma retreats focus on meditation, creativity, consciousness and the art of living, they include beginner to advanced as well as workshops and masterclasses.

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