Sydney’s favourite restaurants adjusting to life after COVID-19


As Australians eagerly await the reopening of restaurants and pubs, and venues themselves gear up to reopen, Australian business HungryHungry has spent the past 6 weeks helping over 1,000 Aussie venues operate their own delivery and pickup, saving them a fortune in usual commissions from the big delivery providers. HungryHungry will now help venues switch to contactless digital menus and at-table ordering technology to maintain social distancing restrictions when they reopen for business.

Based on Government announcements, Sydney’s restaurants and pubs are hoping to reopen under the social distancing regulations with reduced seating. This means a restaurant that perhaps seated 80 people before will now seat 30, meaning restaurants will need to increase their prices to accommodate fewer turnovers, or continue to push online ordering for pickup and delivery. For smaller venues that won’t be able to reopen under the new 1.5m social distancing rules, HungryHungry will continue to offer their delivery and takeaway services through the platform, enabling some venues to make up missing revenue.

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To relieve staff fears and ensure all diners remain at a safe distance, HungryHungry is helping restaurants implement contactless digital menus. Patrons will be able to order online from their own phones rather than touching a menu that other customers have come into contact with.

Some of Sydney’s hottest restaurants are among the restaurants using this technology to re-open for business, with Cho Cho San this week releasing a new delivery and takeaway menu, using HungryHungry to facilitate this. Through a collaboration with HungryHungry, Cho Cho San At Home has officially launched. Each week they will offer Sydney foodies a set menu, to either pick up in store ready to eat, or they will deliver the same menu to your door that you finish preparing from home. The feast for two boasts delicious dishes including Spicy Sesame Noodles with shiso and shallots, Koji roasted pork chop with XO sauce and Kimchi, and a sticky date pudding with miso caramel for the sweet tooths among us!

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The Potts Point favourite has also launched their ‘Cho Mart’ which will be open from 12pm until 7.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 11.30am until 1.30pm on Sunday, which will sell pantry items, cocktails and wine.

The Merivale Group has also been working closely with HungryHungry to enable them to offer a takeaway ordering platform for many of their famed restaurants around Sydney. For those craving Totti’s famous bread and mortadella or Mr Wong’s signature Peking duck pancakes, you can have all your favourites delivered. The group has also launched ‘Merivale at Home’, with menus from some of its top chefs, including Dan Hong, Danielle Alvarez, Jordan Toft, Mike Eggert, Ben Greeno and Vincenzo Biondini. There are five menus to choose from, ranging in price from $70 to $95.

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Whilst Icebergs Dining Room and Bar doing takeaway for their signature cocktails and dishes, they are still working hard to create memorable experiences for Sydney’s diners from home, even if it is without their iconic view. Celebrating art and decadence at home with the Biennale of Sydney, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar are closing the distance to your home by presenting an Art + Decadence series.

Every Friday night guests can indulge in a specially designed menu created by Head Chef Alex Prichard in the comfort of their own home whilst the Biennale offers a range of live and on-demand content to accompany the dinner including ‘in conversations’ with Artistic Director Brook Andrew and artists, performers, scientists and thinkers from around the globe. Icebergs have designed two bespoke Biennale menus that can be ordered via their HungryHungry takeaway menu online, featuring dishes like Icebergs Beef Tartare at Home and Bellata Gold Maccheroni, Braised Pigeon, Truffle & Pecorino to name a few.

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Mark Calabro, Co-Founder of HungryHungry, says that when the COVID-19 restrictions were first put in place his business quickly pivoted from in venue technology to offering restaurants their own online platform for takeaway and pick up and within weeks the onboarding time went from 2 weeks to 2 hours.

Calabro says, “We’re thrilled to have been able to help Australia’s restaurants and bars get through this tough time. The industry has completely changed and restaurants reopening, certainly won’t mean business as usual. The social distancing restrictions will mean reduced daily patrons, so restaurants will still heavily rely on pickup and delivery and may not reopen in-venue dining until restrictions are lifted. We’ll also be there to assist with contactless in-venue dining so Australians can order and pay from digital menus on their own phone to maximise staff and customer safety.”

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“As a business we will continue to offer both in venue contactless menu and ordering options as well as online solutions to enable pick up and delivery to ensure we can support as many restaurants, pubs and bars around Australia during these challenging times”, he added.

Source: HungryHungry