TWO SPARROW swimwear: pieces made from plastic bottles and fishing nets found in the ocean


Two Sparrow Australia is a sustainable swimwear brand with a focus on creating comfortable, luxurious swimwear for the socially conscious woman.

All Two Sparrow swimwear fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets found in the ocean, aiming to reduce the impact fast fashion has on the earth.

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It takes over 200 years for regular swimwear made of nylon to degrade in landfill when thrown out (Generic classification based on chemical composition as defined by the Textile Fiber Products Identification aCT (Manufactured Category))

Two Sparrow is aiming to close the loop by ensuring the brand’s swimwear does not end up in landfill by participating in the ‘Recycle your Kini’ program. When a Two Sparrow swimsuit’s life comes to an end, the owner can send a message via the ‘Recycle your Kini’ enquiry form for a return postbag (Recycled Poly Mailer) which will be mailed out free of charge. From there the swimwear will be sent back to its original source to be further recycled, ensuring it does not go to landfill like regular swimwear which can take up to 200 years to degrade if it was not further recycled.

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Two Sparrow Australia is the creation of Jade Sewell-Robertson who says, “Sustainability is not just a hot topic – it’s the actions we can all take to ensure we do not continue to deplete our natural resources; reducing the ecological imbalance fast fashion creates.”

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There’s a two-part mission to Two Sparrow – Sewell-Robertson wants to be a part of the change in making all fashion sustainable including materials, manufacturing and packaging as well as creating beautiful, flattering styles that encourage happiness in women.

Sewell-Robertson of Two Sparrow is fully focused on reducing the impact fast fashion has on the earth through ensuring the right fit and style using AI technology to encourage confidence, wherever in the world you may be.

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Sewell-Robertson’s background is in both business and technology says using AI technology helps to get the right fit encouraging sustainability further through less returns and less waste through appropriate sizing – “through our digital fitter, our products are able to find the perfect size, first time round ensuring maximum confidence when wearing bathers because they actually fit”, says Sewell-Robertson.

“When purchasing swimwear for summer, invest in swimwear that is ethically and sustainably made”, says Sewell Robertson. “Buy less, buy better quality and better fitting swimwear to reduce waste from fast swimwear”.

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