UNICEF: we can all spread some Christmas love …..

If the prospect of Christmas shopping makes you recoil in fear, panic not: UNICEF can arm you with a few unconventional ideas for magical gifts that could change the course of a vulnerable child’s life, or even impact an entire at-risk community this festive season. If nothing else, they can just about guarantee that their Inspired Gifts will be more memorable than socks or perfume.

Plus, ordering an Inspired Gift for your friends or family (or that colleague you barely know but need to buy a Secret Santa present for) saves the hassle of going to the shops or waiting eons for a parcel ordered online to show up. UNICEF have put together their top 5 Inspired Gifts that promise to spread hope and happiness this Christmas:

Treat Malnutrition and Save Lives – 1,134 Super-Nutrient Wafers for Cambodia. Severe acute malnutrition is a major cause of death in children under the age of five in Cambodia; your gift could be a lifeline to children in need, by supplying 1,134 super nutritional wafers.

Deliver Hope and Health Vaccine Pack. You could provide 260 vaccines, stopping kids suffering from preventable, deadly diseases such as tetanus, polio, measles and tuberculosis.

Help Kids Learn Through Play – Play & Learn Pack for Remote Indigenous Communities. Encourage a child’s love of learning and strengthen their connection to community, culture and Country.

Create a Better Future – Gift a School in a Box. Help inspire hope, and even change the future for a child living in a conflict zone or isolated area, by providing a ‘school in a box’ for 40 students.

Protect Children from the Cold – Winter Warmers Bundle. Your gift could provide a toddler in Afghanistan with two sets of warm, winter clothes and three cosy blankets, helping them to survive the harsh winter.

Education, easy access to clean water, and free vaccinations are just some of the many things that we routinely take for granted. But thanks to supporters like you, UNICEF are able to show underprivileged children around the world that they deserve to have hope, and to dream of a better future…

Even the smallest of gifts can make a big difference, and your gift could prove a lifeline.

Source: UNICEF