LANCÔME: Mr Big Mascara Lands

What type of make-up can today’s women not do without? Mascara! Especially when it comes to Millennials. These vivacious ladies are always on the go and demand the very best. Their days are full morning to night, and their mascara has to be up to the task.

If not, they get rid of it. But how do you go about finding the right mascara? Monsieur Big has got you covered. In 2017, this high- impact and mega-volumising mascara became the go-to product for millions of women thanks to its long-lasting formula, which doesn’t require a single touch-up throughout the day, and its incredible, intensely black pigment.

One year later, to rekindle the flame, Monsieur Big is back with three new additions:

  1. Awaterproofformulathatcanweatheralltheday’schallenges,includingwater,humidity, and sweat, without compromising on comfort
  2. Big Lashes Extension Fibers (limited edition) to deliver show-stopping eyes! But if you prefer to play it safe, keep on walking…
  3. FourvarietiesofBigColorLashTopCoat(limitededition)forunique,easy-to-apply, pop-art looks. Sporting a new look every day has never been easier.


This mascara has always been known for its over-the-top effects, bold looks, and daring style. But this time, in addition to offering up to 12 times more volume, Monsieur Big has become Monsieur Big Waterproof and now offers up to 24 hours of flawless wear! 95% of women who tried it out have confirmed its performance: Monsieur Big Waterproof stands up to life’s every hurdle, whether it’s a workout or a sprint to catch your train. Plus, it ensures your mascara will look just as amazing at the end of the day as it did in the morning. The proof is in its triple guarantee:

Sweatproof + Smudgeproof + Waterproof = High-intensity, non-stop glam by Monsieur Big Waterproof

With its ultra-resistant formula, traffic-stopping volume, and flawless wear, this mascara has everything it takes to become an all-time favourite. Confirmation comes from 82% of women who notice how Monsieur Big Waterproof seems to instantly lengthen their lashes, while 98% find it pleasant to wear all day long. And when it comes to long-lasting wear, this mascara is a cut above the rest. According to 94% of women, Monsieur Big Waterproof won’t end up on your eyelids, and 85% report that it won’t flake off. He’s a true gentleman, no matter the situation.


Apply between two coats of mascara

To take it a step further, Lancôme has launched Big Lashes Extension Fibers for sky-high volume that can be tailored to achieve the look you want. With Big Lashes Extension Fibers, you can fill in your fringe of lashes, thickening them individually and extending their length to achieve unbelievably daring volume.

Our tip for expert application:
– Apply your mascara
– Before it dries, spread the white fibres evenly on your eyelashes
– Wait about thirty seconds – long enough for the fibres to melt into the product that’s already onthe lashes – then apply another coat of mascara

The results? An explosion of volume with a lash extension effect. Merci, Monsieur Big!


Apply on top of your mascara once it’s dried

Want to make a statement with your eyes? Lancôme has developed mascara top coats to add instant colour to your lashes. Their ultra-fluid formula is highly concentrated in pigments and pearlizers, modelling itself on eyeliners so it doesn’t ruin your mascara during application, yet gives impeccable hold. In just a few seconds you can have flashy, pop-art eyelashes!

Source: Lancome


The newest collection is Ines’ modern interpretation of fashions in 1920s Montmartre, when the congeniality and delightfully cobblestoned streets of this hilltop Parisian neighborhood made it a hub of effortless social and artistic interactions.

Tweed, melton, cashmere, and corduroy fabrics underscore Ines’ paean to daily life in autumnal Paris in this authentic and elegantly tailored range of comfortable wardrobe essentials. The new kids’ line enables both mothers and children to enjoy French chic, a goal that Ines has held since the inception of the collection.

New women’s suits capture the exuberance and elegance of 1920s styling. The coat lineup has expanded to seven items in classical styles, including a tweed double face Chester coat, light short duffle coat, and quilted coat. There are also some playful pieces, such as a vintage style Motorcycle Sweater. The sleepwear is fashionably comfortable.

The kids’ range retains the quality fabrics, designs, and finishes of women’s items and includes pea coats, velvet tailor-made jackets, dresses, cardigans, and other stylish pieces inspired by French cinema.

Source: Uniqlo

Fendi #MeandMyPeekaboo with Kim Kardashian West

In the year of the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iconic Peekaboo bag, FENDI unveils the second chapter of its #MeAndMyPeekaboo project involving iconic related women from around the globe.

Following the first chapter, a video and image campaign featuring Silvia Venturini Fendi, FENDI Creative Director for Accessories, Menswear and Kidswear and her daughters Delfina Delettrez Fendi and Leonetta Luciano Fendi, this one now focuses on five international couples of women.

Mothers and daughters, or sisters, they are the protagonists of intimate and unexpected images and short videos, which will be released on FENDI’s social networks starting from July 10.

A silent and discreet character, the legendary FENDI Peekaboo bag shines in the images in several variations, from the classic regular style to the mini and micro options.

For the first time Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, along with Kardashian’s daughter North West, shot in Los Angeles, will show their special connections. They star in candid and spontaneous shots, which instead of focusing on their public images, capture their most authentic and intimate personality. The frames create a sort of family album offering an unseen, unexpected point of view on their relationship.

Source: FENDI

MFWF Legends & Rising Stars

A coffee pioneer, an irresistible chef and author, a pioneering winemaker, the restaurateur who founded ‘Speed Date a Muslim’, the manager of a Melbourne institution and a transformative dairy farmer have been announced as the 2018 inductees to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Legends hall of fame.

The food and wine industry icons were inducted into the hall of fame at the Legends and Rising Stars Awards, held last night. The event was hosted by Jill Dupleix with the awards conferred by City of Melbourne’s Councillor Beverley Pinder, together with Hostplus Chief Marketing Officer Umberto Mecchi.

Joining Victoria’s most prestigious group of chefs, producers, culinary educators, wine producers and restaurateurs, the 2018 inductees are:

Food Producer/Retailer or Advocate – Giancarlo Giusti
Giancarlo Giusti co-founded Grinders Coffee House on Lygon Street Carlton in 1962, where he roasted, ground and sold his own coffee beans on site.  He kick-started the obsession with great coffee as part of a strong dining culture and educated a generation.

Chef/Restaurateur or Hospitality Professional – Jason Lui (Flower Drum)
The son of MFWF legend and Flower Drum Executive Chef and owner Anthony Lui, Jason has brought the Melbourne institution and its superior levels of service to greater heights, ensuring it a new relevance in a modern era of dining while protecting its legacy.

Communicator and Educator – Tony Tan (Chef/Cookbook Author)
Malaysian-born, Tony is an irresistible force as a great teacher, brilliant chef and a scholarly, thoughtful writer, with the power to bring people together at the table and who inspires the appreciation of Asian food in multicultural Melbourne.

Wine and Beverage Producer/Retailer or Advocate – Kathleen Quealy (Quealy Wines)
Kath was a force for change that struck the Mornington Peninsula with T’Gallant in 1990 and has been pushing the industry and the Peninsula forward with a series of firsts ever since – from the first unwooded Chardonnay, to being the first ‘queen of Pinot Grigio’.

Local Hero – Hana Assafiri (Moroccan Soup Bar)
Hana is determined to break the cycle of disadvantage for marginalised Muslim women in the community through employment and hospitality. Her initiatives ‘Speed Date A Muslim’ and ‘Conversation Salons’ break down barriers and bring people together in celebration and equality.

Hostplus Trailblazer – Simon Schulz (Schulz Organic Dairy)
Picking up the baton from his grandfather, MFWF Legend Hermann Schulz of Timboon Cheese, Simon is the driving force behind this dynamic organic dairy company. He is trailblazing a regenerative path for fellow dairy farmers, value-adding, and revolutionising wasteful packaging and distribution practices. 

About the Legends

MFWF Legends are people who demonstrate:

Extended service to the Victorian food and wine industry.

An outstanding contribution to the Victorian food and wine industry through
innovation or education, whether creating artisan cheeses or a world-class restaurant, blazing a wine trail, or shaping the next generation of food professionals;

A proven record in inspiring and informing the public, the media and peers as an advocate for Victoria’s rich food and wine culture.

About the Categories

Food Producer/Retailer/Advocate
For their excellence and integrity in the growing, breeding, harvesting, processing or distribution of great food at any level.

For spreading the word and encouraging the appreciation of great food and wine through new or old media, teaching, writing, broadcasting or otherwise — sharing the joy.

Beverage Producer/Retailer/Advocate
For a great contribution to the growing, making, serving or appreciation of beer, cider, wine, spirits or other beverages.

Chef/Restaurateur/Hospitality Professional
For building our food culture and bringing enjoyment and appreciation of great food and wine to us all by virtue of the skill, talent, passion and integrity they bring to the restaurant industry.

Local Hero
For making a positive contribution to our food culture from a grass-roots level, whether working as an individual or as a community. In recognition of the fact that ‘from little things, big things grow’.

Hostplus Trailblazer AwardMust be 40 years or younger and have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Victorian food and wine industry. The nominee must be professionally engaged in the Victorian food and wine industry – whether as a chef, sommelier, winemaker, journalist, caterer, producer, restaurateur, educator, retailer or other.

About Food and Wine Victoria

Food and Wine Victoria is the organisation behind the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival presented by Bank of Melbourne and supports the Victorian food and wine industries year-round through collaboration with the many stakeholders who contribute to these multimillion-dollar industries.

About Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) presented by Bank of Melbourne is Australia’s internationally acclaimed celebration of food and wine. Now approaching its 27th year in 2019, MFWF is a state-wide celebration with more than 300 events across Victoria.

Source: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Actress Jodi Anasta In New Season Fendi From Parlour X

Best known for long-standing roles on Australia’s most adored TV shows, actress and model Jodi Anasta is not afraid to experiment in her approach to fashion and beauty. Always on top of red carpet and racing carnival best dressed lists, we talk to the striking beauty about living well, and her most passionate subject; her daughter.

From motherhood to acting to modelling, you wear many hats. Which is your favourite, and why?

Being a mother is definitely the most special ‘hat’ for me. My love for acting and fashion comes after that and I’m blessed that my daughter and I share those passions.

You split your time between filming Neighbours in Melbourne and family time with your daughter in Sydney. How do you make that work?

It was a situation that required a lot of prior planning before making the commitment, but here we are two years on and it works a treat! I miss my daughter Aleeia immensely when I’m not with her, but we make up for it when we’re together. I absolutely love the three days a week I have with her, it is really special time for us. I’m really lucky that I have a lot of support from family, friends and Braith.

Given how much time you must spend in the air, what is you go-to plane outfit?
I’m currently obsessed with tracksuit pants! My go-to outfit is usually an all-black ensemble consisting of cool trackies, high-waisted or loose pants with a silk cami, V-neck sweater and a blazer or long coat.

What is your favourite way to spend the in-air transit time?

Listening to music and scripts, scripts, scripts!

What do you love the most about Melbourne, and what does Melbourne do better than Sydney?

I love the pace of Melbourne, and the people. Things are more relaxed in Melbourne and I really love that.

What do you love the most about Sydney, and what does Sydney do better than Melbourne?

Sydney does a fabulous night out better! Sydney has many beautiful restaurants where you can get dressed up and be a little OTT. I love to be dressed up for every kind of event – even if it’s a simple dinner with friends. I feel that there’s not as much leniency for this in Melbourne.

What has motherhood taught you?

Responsibility on a whole new level. It’s made me realise that every action, all that I say and do, influences my daughter. I want Aleeia to always feel loved, happy and free to be herself and I believe that starts with my actions.

What do you wish you’d known before becoming a mother?

To take time to be relaxed and incorporate that into raising my girl.

From the racetrack to the red carpet, you do ‘occasion dressing’ so well. What’s your MO when choosing an outfit for a special event?

I look at what the dress code is or the event then I come up with a look I feel will best represent me in that environment. At the end of the day, I always take into account how an outfit will make me look and feel, and what works best on me. What I feel strong in. I’d love to say comfort is a top priority, but I think it’s fine to suffer for fashion if you feel good in it!

You regularly collaborate with makeup artist Max May – what is the best beauty tip or trick that you’ve stolen from him?

He’s taught me to really take care of my skin and how important it is to maintain healthy skin with a day/night routine. When your skin is amazing, you feel incredible. The make-up you wear also sits better on your face when you really look after and hydrate your skin.

What are your top three wardrobe MVPs?

Anything textured, leather or silk. Ooh – and trackies! Can’t forget those!

What is exciting you now?

My daughter’s love for fashion. She has the best eye for putting together an outfit and expressing herself. I love the sense of identity she has already and the way she really embracing it. I took her to Parlour X recently and let her choose a piece for me to wear to dinner that night. She chose a gorgeous blouse that I never would have normally gravitated to, and I loved it! The colour. The style. The detail. How sophisticated it was. She has a great eye and we always have so much fun shopping.

You can find Jodi on Instagram @jodigordon

Source: Parlour X