Celebrity Chef Joins Forces With Australian Spirits Brand, Feels Botanical

Celebrity Chef Joins Forces With Australian Spirits Brand, Feels Botanical

Sydney-born and New York-based celebrity chef, Dan Churchill, has joined forces with Australian Eau De Vie brand Feels Botanical, joining the company as partner, major investor and “culinary creative”, in a move that will see him represent innovation and product development across their range of 100% natural and sustainably sourced, Australian-made alcoholic spirits.

While Aussie’s got to know Churchill in Series 5 of MasterChef, since then the International Chef, Best-Selling Cookbook Author and Restaurateur behind Charley St – the impact-driven Australian restaurant based in Nolita, New York City, has gone on to create a burgeoning presence in the global culinary scene, including partnering with Chris Hemsworth and his CENTR app as the chef and nutrition and fitness expert.

Now, Churchill turns his sights to Feels Botanical with a commercial partnership conceived from a shared passion in Australian product, flavour and embracing your creative spirit, and will comprise Dan working across multiple facets of the brand, including culinary recipe development that infuse Feels spirits, paired drinks, degustation activations, content campaigns, botanical selections and product creation.

“I’ve always wanted to partner with a liquor brand that shared my values, so the decision to invest in Feels Botanical and commence my role as Culinary Creative was a natural fit. As a chef, I tend to look at things in a pretty methodological way – our entire lives are devoted to taking a bunch of ‘parts’ and producing a ‘whole’. However, when it comes to creating the perfect dish, it’s always best to start with the highest quality ingredients and dive down the rabbit hole of creativity from there. Feels Botanical is an exploration of culinary enjoyment. A deconstruction of what constitutes the “perfect” drinking moment and a focus on the fundamental quality of base ingredients, the clever combination of key botanicals and a world-class distillation and maceration process to build a sensorial experience like nothing else. I’m extremely proud to be involved as a partner and start working on new spirit flavours that take you on an entirely new sensorial journey,” said Dan Churchill.

“Feels Botanical stands for everything I grew up with and aspire to do. Being an Australian chef living in the US, I’m passionate about bringing further understanding to our Australian brand and botanical native ingredients. In particular, I’m really excited to play with even more of the indigenous ingredients, telling their story by pairing them with their natural botanical partners,” Dan continues.

The Feels Botanical Eau De Vie comes in a range of four individually-blended flavour profiles, each released in extremely limited batches of 2,000 bottles. A unique fruit-based spirit with ancient French origins and a name that translates directly to “water of life”, Feels Botanical is grain-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, with no added sugar, 100% natural and sustainably sourced and is Australian made and owned, founded by Australian connoisseurs Blake Vanderfield-Kramer and Steve Pillemer. Since launching in mid-2021, the brand has built a grassroots following amongst forward-thinking individuals seeking out new, natural alternatives to grain-based alcohols.

“There is no better way to showcase the quality, versatility and expressiveness of our products than how it comes to life on different occasions, in different moments. This is how we designed the range and so developing its integration into food, or its perfect food pairings is of the highest importance to us,” said Blake Kramer, Feels Botanical co-founder.

Velvety, delicate, complex, distinctive and versatile; the Feels Botanical grape-based spirits are each distilled with its own collection of sustainably sourced botanicals, creating a harmony of flavours that complement a spectrum of moods and occasions, including:

Feels Botanical BASK – distilled with; Hemp, Quandong and Kakadu Plum (43% abv, Eau De Vie grape spirit)
Feels Botanical VIVIFY – distilled with; Turmeric, Coconut and Ginger (VIVIFY 43% abv, Eau De Vie grape spirit)
Feels Botanical REVEL – distilled with; Coffee, Ginseng and Illawarra plum (33% abv, Eau De Vie grape spirit)
Feels Botanical ROUSE – distilled with; Rose, Davidson Plum and Horny Goat Weed ( 33% abv, Eau De Vie grape spirit)

Dan Churchill is a New York based Australian chef, restaurateur, athlete and wellness coach whose burgeoning presence in the global culinary scene has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Dan possesses a masters degree in Science, hosts the popular weekly food health Podcast “epic table”, owns New York restaurant Charlie Street and is the Chef for Chris Hemsworth’s CENTR health advice app for iPhone and Android. His investment in and alignment with Feels Botanical is sure to introduce yet another interesting and compelling aspect in the development of both the Feels Botanical Brand and Dan Churchill himself.

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