Whisky Tasting at Top Sydney Bar

The Balvenie is partnering with one of Sydney’s most influential bars, Ramblin Rascal Tavern, to bring to life its penchant for creating intimate luxury experiences celebrated through unique stories and exceptional whisky.

In a year of distance and altered interactions, these collaborations seek to bring back the raw essence of storytelling and meaningful connections. At their heart, they have taken inspiration from the extraordinarily human connection of The Balvenie and the deeply interwoven stories of people who handcraft the unique single malt at its distillery.

Interlaying opulence and grunge, ‘The Five Star Dive Bar’ with Ramblin Rascal Tavern is set to break down the walls of luxury, challenging its connotations of status and wealth, bringing it back to creativity, inclusivity, and quality experiences.

The Balvenie Brand Ambassador, Ross Blainey discusses how amidst a year of turbulent times for the hospitality industry, our ways of connecting with people and sharing stories have been challenged and changed.

“Following months of solitude, we’re now craving experiences that feel special, and worthy of venturing out of our homes. We want to rediscover that sense of humanity within the chaos.”

“The Balvenie has long associated with institutions which have stories at their heart, with their ability to influence a city and drive the culture for guaranteed good times and great memories. Through these collaborations, we are on a quest for quality conversations, an appreciation for craftsmanship, and an atmosphere that celebrates the human spirit,” said Blainey.

Owner of Ramblin Rascal Tavern, Charlie Lehmann explains the inspiration behind the Five Star Dive Bar.

“Dive bars defy trends and start them. They are the lifeblood of drinking establishments on both ends of the spectrum. We wanted to hero this concept, but also the roots of The Balvenie, celebrating the real people and stories that are at the heart of the whisky, as well as those found across bar tops around the globe. As a result, The Five Star Dive Bar was born, mixing the sweetness of luxury with the accommodating and raw style of a dive bar.”

Source: The Balvenie