Australia: the most beautiful towns to visit, according to new data

When you think about Australia, you think beaches, crystal blue water, hot sunny weather. It’s no brainer Australia is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks known worldwide, that attract multiple tourists daily but what are the towns like?

If you’re curious to find the best towns to visit, no need to fret. Research experts at WeThrift have compiled a detailed list of the ‘most beautiful’ towns in Australia. Of course, we will all have different opinions to the list!

These towns are a mega road trip away for some (& I relatively short plane ride for others once every state border is open! ) but no excuse not to put them on your bucket list .

According to the research, experts found that Portsea and Lorne shared the third place with a score of 43/60. Noosa steals the show in first place on the list, this town is located on Queensland’s sunshine coast, Noosa has many attractions to see, such as their walking trails – there are around 73.

Add this town to your dream locations to visit on your Pinterest boards, it has already racked up 12,024 pins on Pinterest.

Esperance follows closely behind in second place, a town on the south coast of western Australia, this picturesque place is dawned with 13 sights and landmarks that would make great instagram pictures. In fact the town has an impressive 260,428 hashtags on instagram.

Source: We thrift