Bras N Things have created a new era of romance with the re-launch of their Enchanted brand, offering a premium and decadent aesthetic that invites women to unlock their flirty side and feel feminine, chic and romantic.

Made up of delicate lace, bright colours and thoughtful touches, Enchanted is a premium brand that focuses on special detailing to elevate femininity and romance. With multi-toned embroidery, soft frills, statement satin details, florals and lace in a range of pretty pastels and colours that pop, Enchanted provides a range of designs aimed to inspire self-love and that will become a special piece of your lingerie drawer.

Now available from size 8 to 18 and bras that range from an A to a G cup, models Kukkuwa Assan an Sussana Oinonen showcase the evolved identity of the Enchanted brand in a series of images offering a close-up view of the premium fabrics, boho look and extravagant detail.

Source: Bras N Things