Find Your Everyday at Bras N Things

No two people have the same day.

So why should an ‘everyday’ bra be the same for everyone?

The new ‘Find Your Everyday’ collection from Bras N Things is redefining what comfort and the ‘everyday’ bra looks like by offering something for everyone, no matter how your day shapes up. Whether your go-to is a cotton t-shirt bra or you prefer a touch of lace or sheer mesh in your lingerie, at Bras N Things you can take comfort and have confidence in knowing you’ll find what works for you.

The collection is supported by Bras N Things’ new campaign starring Kukuwa Assan, Memu Conteh, Bruna Lapinskas and Ebony Let, and centres on the understanding that every woman is unique. The campaign highlights the confidence that comes with wearing comfortable, everyday pieces that fit perfectly, in the individual styles that you love. The ‘Find Your Everyday’ collection includes an array of shapes, fabrics and colours, designed to cater to the varying needs of an everyday bra for the woman who is many things.

Additionally, Bras N Things are launching the new ‘My Everyday’ range within the collection, made up of ultimate everyday bras and available in contour, push-up and full cup shapes featuring breathable cups, a light-weight feel and smooth finish. The range was designed for women to feel equipped to take on the day, whether it means offering support for her as she rushes through her busy schedule, extra comfort so she can focus on the task at hand without worrying about readjusting her bra, or the confidence that comes from knowing her bra can’t be seen through her work shirt.

With bras available up to a size 22E and matching bottoms including a V-String, Brazilian and Full Brief options up to a size 22, the ‘My Everyday’ range is available in three colours including a nude, black and pale steel blue.

Head of Product at Bras N Things, Jessica Lauppe-Guy said: “Our new ‘Find Your Everyday’ collection celebrates the uniqueness of every woman and is designed to reflect that everyday comfort doesn’t look and feel the same for everyone.

“As part of the collection, we’re proud to launch the new ‘My Everyday’ range which tackles the customer need for comfort, breathable and light weight everyday styles that are contemporary.  The breathable cups and smooth finish make this the ultimate everyday bra that we know our customers will love. The ‘My Everyday’ range is complimented by pieces from our Fashion collection as well as Night Games and Enchanted brands with stylish detailing including soft lace, delicate silk and a fashionable polka-dot pattern to ensure there is something for everyone, every day.”

Of the new campaign, Bras N Things’ Head of Marketing Natalie Chalmers said: “What we know from our Bras N Things community is that the everyday bra isn’t always the same from one person to the next. We also know that women are multidimensional and that our own everyday may change week to week, season to season. The ‘Find Your Everyday’ campaign aligns with our ‘I am Many Things’ brand positioning and shows that the great part about Bras N Things’ offering is that our customers have the choice, whatever everyday means to them. We hope the campaign will highlight that as well as fashion options, Bras N Things also offers a wide range of comfortable and supportive everyday styles.

Within the collection we are very excited to be launching the new ‘My Everyday’ range, which is light-weight and includes breathable cups for those warm summer days or to provide a little assistance for the many of us that tend to sweat under the breasts – yes, if you know, you know!”

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