Oakley sunglasses making a statement at the Tokyo Games

Two-time Olympian and Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse has won the bronze medal in the 100m finals after winning bronze in the same event back in 2016.

As debuted during the heat, de Grasse accomplished this epic achievement wearing Oakley’s newest innovation, Xeus.

With its own history of disruption, Oakley Xeus incorporates game-changing innovation unique to Oakley, with influence taken from the kabuto of samurai, the iconic warrior of the Olympics’ host country, Japan.

Faced with challenges posed by travel restrictions, Oakley found an innovative way to provide athletes with equipment on the ground. The company hand-built a custom robot in Japan, inspired by the most iconic series of planetary-discovery vehicles, the Mars Rovers, to deliver Xeus to the hands of their star competitors.

Source: Oakley  | Images: Getty Images