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A recent survey of 5,800 Australian mothers found that over 70% of women feel there is an expectation for them to be perfect[ii], so this Mother’s Day Bras N Things are celebrating mums everywhere with a “perfectly imperfect” campaign that embraces motherhood in all of its chaotic glory.

The new campaign aims to make light of the unachievable parenting stereotype around being “perfect”, with women feeling confident to own motherhood as the beautiful, perfectly imperfect mess that it is.

Created by Bras N Things and Fabric (part of TBWA\Sydney Group), the Mother’s Day campaign stars models and mothers Lauren McMath and Helena Vestergaaard who spoke candidly in “confessionals” to camera, laughing about their own experiences of motherhood.

Lauren McMath said, “Motherhood is absolutely a juggling act and everything happens in the supermarket – my youngest pulled my boob-tube all the way down and I flashed the entirety of Woolworths! Motherhood is beautiful, feminine chaos.

“Some days I feel like multi-tasking is my superpower and other days I find myself eating the leftovers of my kid’s food for breakfast, with no time to make my own” she adds with a laugh.

The same survey showed that over 1,400 of the 5,800 Australian mothers consider chores and necessities such as gardening, cleaning, dishes and bathing to be the only “me time” they get. And over 400 women said they very rarely or were never able to get alone time.

Mother of two Helena Vestergaard joked that her handy tip on getting some alone time, “The ways that I find time for myself is by playing Hide and Seek, you can get about four minutes of just standing in the kitchen taking a breather. Motherhood is exhausting, beautiful and fulfilling.”

Watch Helena and Lauren’s confessionals to the camera below or click here to see them on Youtube

The new Mother’s Day range features lingerie and sleepwear in a range of style, fabrics and prints that offer something to suit every mood.

Head of Product at Bras N Things, Jessica Lauppe-Guy explains: “As women multi-task through their day, this range is designed to provide comfort and elevated design every step of the way – whether it be sleepwear for chasing after the kids or loungewear for those all-important moments to herself or some beautiful lingerie that evokes a feeling of empowerment while also providing support – this range has a little something for all her ‘many things’.”

Of the new campaign, Bras N Things’ Head of Marketing Natalie Chalmers said: “This Mother’s Day, we want to erase any impossible-to-live-up-to stereotypes and instead use the campaign to celebrate the reality that motherhood is a ‘perfectly imperfect’ real-life rollercoaster ride – unpredictable and often chaotic, yet full of fun, laughter and love. Many mums strive to be perfect and, sometimes, they just need reminding that Motherhood isn’t glossy – it’s a beautiful, imperfect mess and we love them for it. We are encouraging mums to own the incredible job they do, even those bits that they think may not be perfect.”

The Mother’s Day campaign is out now and will be rolled out in-stores and online and across OOH, social and digital channels.

Source: Bra’s N Things Bianca Fanto at the Comms Department

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