As I sit here in my new PJs – yes, it’s a WFH day – I’m thinking about a great fun runway launch & lunch to showcase, wait for it, said grand Central Station spanking new Qantas pyjamas, designed by leading Australian designer, Rebecca Vallance.
The limited edition pyjamas will soon be available to business class passengers when the ‘roo recommences its New York legs – 3 times per week – transiting through Auckland., before a 17-hour flight direct to NYC.

Well, a pair of pyjamas won’t make or break a business class flight – considering the amount of money international flying can cost – the cult-like PJ‘s and amenity kits will be available for business class passengers only. There is a navy sleeper suit, featuring a monogram of the Qantas ‘roo’ and the Rebecca Vallance logo, also incorporating flight numbers QF3 and QF4 and a bespoke New York heart design.

And if you can’t fly to New York business class, a very small number of the collectible PJ‘s and kits can be found at the Qantas store. But they are already proving to be a near sell out..
After the runway show at Qantas HQ in Mascot, guests also sat down for a New York-inspired lunch from Neil Perry, including a classic Rueben sandwich, New York style spaghetti and meatballs, classic beef hotdogs with sauerkraut, beef fillets with cream spinach, pecan pie and a New York style baked cheesecake.

But back to the PJs: I loved the fact, the models were some of the dapper looking ground & flight QF crew, who chose to strut there runway stuff, even in something not always featured in a fashion show, although we spend sooo many hours of our time in them Qantas is gearing up to restart flights to New York for the first time since 2020, with the airline taking delivery of brand new 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Ms Vallance follows a posse on fashion designers including Emilio Pucci, Leon Paule, Yves Saint Laurent, Akira Isagowa, Peter Morrissey and Martin Grant (Mr Grant is still the current designer of the navy, red and pink Qantas uniforms worn by QF staff) and said she was “overwhelmed” when what is she was told about the collaboration.
“I’ve done New York Fashion Week twice, the business is global, but there’s nothing like this,” she said at the launch event. “I remember when I got told, I didn’t think it was real. I was overwhelmed. This is our national carrier — it means a lot.”

As part of the collab, Ms Vallance also created two one-off couture gowns with metallic Italian fabrication and Art Deco inspired patterns. Neil Perry has created a New York inspired dishes to be added to the in-flight menu to coincide with the launch of the new route. It comes as the airline recently revealed its revamped flight menu, including larger meals. Qantas Loyalty boss Olivia Wirth described the relaunch as “exciting”.“It’s been a while,” she said at the launch event.

“We are absolutely thrilled that in a few weeks time QF3 and QF4 will once again take Aussies back to New York.

“This time first though — it’s going through Auckland which might sound like an interesting stop along the way, but for our many frequent flyers I’ve spoken to, they simply can’t wait.”

Qantas executives recently revealed the airline expects to post a record underlying profit of up to $2.48 billion this financial year and investment in ‘collectible’ pyjamas is seen as as a point of difference from other airlines. It also keeps the national carrier in the local news cycle.

“Qantas is one of the few airlines in the world to provide business class passengers with complimentary pyjamas,” says Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer, Markus Svensson.

By Melissa Hoyer